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16 days ago

Player ranking since 2000 (totally my opinion) 1.Messi 🐐 2.Iniesta🤯 3.Ronaldinho👑 4.Neymar(Luka) 5.Xavi 6.Silva(De Gea) 7.Ronaldo 8.Griezi 9.Hazard 10.Ozil This stat is based on the ability,intelligence and talent they have. (Doesn't include trophies)

23 days ago

Opinions and facts: If media stopped over hyping goals the best players in the world would be: David Silva, Neymar, De Gea, Messi, Modric* and Hazard. Ronaldo is the most complete and the best striker of the 21st century. Dembele and Mallejo🌟. Messi is the 🐐.

23 days ago

If any of my predictions are correct, I demand that I get your team's #10 Jersey. @atletienglish, @juventusfcen, @FCBarcelona, @ChelseaFC, @LFC, @FCBayernUS, @ManUtd, @AtlantaFC, @BlackYellow.

23 days ago

Predictions: Liverpool will lose vs Bayern munich. Atletico and Atlanta will beat Juventus. Liverpool will beat Manchester United. Higuain and Morata will be success for both Chelsea and Atletico. CL final will be played between Dortmund and Barcelona.

a month ago
An egg got 39 million likes...

How many RTs can we get for this picture of Lionel Messi?

An egg got 39 million likes... How many RTs can we get for this picture of Lionel Messi?

a month ago

On Goals Ronaldo is closer, on assist and vision Ozil when he is at his prime is closer, on freekicks (after 2004) juventus is closer (yeah, a whole f-ing team), dribble changes every year but Hazard and Neymar are closer. As a football player, there is messi and there are others

a month ago

Why do you think Maradona, pele and Zidane is the name you hear every time someone talks about the all time greats. It's because they have more than just scoring in their game. Who would ever consider Zidane the best, if all he ever did was pass the ball, NO ONE.

a month ago

Ironically both Klose and Gerd Muller's name never come to the argument about Goat. You know why, because all they ever did was score goals Just like Ronaldo they were pure strikers.

a month ago

One thing is for sure here, stat piling and team trophies would never get you considered to be the GOAT! Gerd Muller Unbelievably successful internationally, winning both world cup and euro. This guy is definitely better than Ronaldo because he even has more career goals.

a month ago

Ronaldo fans are extremely obsessed with team trophies that they think ronaldo is the goat because he has won euro cup. But have you ever heard of Klose. He has won the world cup......and yeah he is the top scorer in the world cup ahead of pele, Maradona and phenomeno ronaldo.

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