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The Iraq War was putting the U.S. before the self interest of the Neo-Cons .... this is why the Democratic Party is in the shape it’s in .... and why a criminal is in office .... this thinking here …

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To a degree, trump has his power over media etc because ppl give him that power. So he tweets. If more ppl say, fuck it, he’ll start losing his influence.

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I'm a journalist; I'm not scared of his tweet. I think he's a phenomenal asshole, but it's smarter to look at covert actions rather than overt words -- that's where the real threats to the press are. This tweet will just get the MSM briefly riled until they kiss his ass again.


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Nobody's Going To Jail It's All A Wet-Dream Establishment Democrats Will Do What Obama Did When We Controled All Three Branches Move On Change The Narrative To So Call "HEAL THE NATION" Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss

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Sheeple Grasp At Straws To Find A Hero That Worthless Out Of Touch Grandma #NancyPelosi Just Threatens And Caves So Far Mueller Got The LOWEST Of The Low Hanging Fruit Not Impressed By Establishment Democrats Plans Or Any Investigation I See No End No Plans Just Smoke

Another Week Gone Protect Status-Quo #Mueller Ain't Done Bupkiss He Keeps On Beating The #Manafort Dead Horse Trump Still Is As Bold As Brass WHERE'S THE BEEF ? Manifort-Stone-Cohen Are Like Oliver North And Scooter Libby Just Minnows Peeple Need To Go Out And Fuck Shit Up

It’s funny Republicans are worried a Democrat administration might use a #NationalEmergency for #MedicareForAll #MedicareForAll isn’t a priority for Establishment Dems

Trump names everyone at Fox News as his supporters Says he has a few on CNN Few on MSNBC #CorporateMedia #CorporateMedia #CorporateMedia #CorporateMedia #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #tcot #p2

Trump keeps rubbing in that Pelosi said #NotOneDollar and then he got $1.3 Billion for the Wall (but #DontCallItConcrete) And there’s not a damn thing, that makes sense, that Corporate Democrats can say to counter it #p2 #tcot #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #PelosiCaved

. @KenDilanianNBC works for the CIA. But just look away. It’ll make you feel better.

Jesus God does this bastard rub it in with these families pain “Show us how beautiful your daughter WAS” “Beautiful kids won’t be seeing their father again” #DuctTape #ImpeachTheMFTraitor #NationalEmergency #tcot #p2

Trump's impeachment 'should be initiated immediately' after he declares national emergency: legal scholar

Corporate #MSNBC carrying #Amazon water on #HQ2 Corporate Democrats are shitting their pants that the status quo of Corporate Greed and Corporate Welfare is being challenged in a real way #AOC #GreenNewDeal #P2 #tcot #AmazonHQ2 #ImpeachTheMFTraitor

If @SpeakerPelosi was a real boss she would have talking impeachment the day she became speaker.

Is this corporate #MSNBC special supposed to be helping Just had a rancher say she’s so worried about Brown people with sticks she’s packing heat #inners #ActualNationalEmergency #ImpeachTheMFTraitor

Anybody With A Dick Or Brains Would Have Given #Trump And Republicans NOTHING STUPID BITCH #NancyPelosi CAVED Establishment Democrats CAVED TRUMP GETS 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS AND NO OVERSIGHT HOW HE SPENDS IT #NationalEmergency #DumpPelosi #DumpSchumer #DumpDurban #Inners

"Nobody Gets What They Want" Is Establishment Democratic Code For: "BEND OVER AND LUBRICATE YOUR ASS 'CAUSE WE GIVE IN" #NancyPelosi CAVED #ChuckSchumer Caved #DNC #VoteBlue Got Punked #AlexandriaOcasioCortez #IIhanOmar #Women #TrumpWins #Inners

This freshman class in Congress is best I can remember in my lifetime. They are rejecting corporate money. They are speaking truth to power. They are challenging the old guard. They are not waiting their turn. They are giving zero phucks. We must support them #standwithIlhan


What #Trump Promises To His Rabid Nazi Followers #NancyPelosi DELIVERS Pre- #ValentinesDay Blowjob It's The Adult Thing To Do When Your An Old, Toothless Status Quo HAG #2020DemocraticPurityTest #PelosiMustGo #Inners #PurityTest #GreenNewDeal

Dem leadership's response to a freshman rep's comments about one of the lobbying groups that pushes large amounts of money on our politicians for their own agenda, shows us exactly who and what the leadership cares about. Donors over people at all costs.

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