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“You can endure and survive more than you think you are capable of.” Hear from Natalie, a congenital heart defect survivor and a #medtech believer. 

Advances in #medtech mean less invasive procedures, shorter hospitalizations, shorter recovery times and lower overall costs. These gains are at risk if we don’t #RepealDeviceTax. Learn more from these members of Congress. 

This paralyzed veteran is walking again thanks to innovative #medtech.

James has been living with diabetes since 1998. He’s seen diabetes culture and diabetes treatment and technology evolve at a rapid pace. This is his story. 

These researchers are building prosthetic hands that can leverage sensory feedback – the sense of touch – to approximate the hand’s natural dexterity.

What’s the real value of cancer diagnostics? Download our free fact sheet. #TesttoTreatment 

“I can optimize the settings on my pacemaker to fit my lifestyle, need, and changing exercise abilities.” Natalie shares her journey with two congenital heart defects and the role #medtech still plays today. 

Medical devices have revolutionized health care. But the gains we’ve made are at risk if the medical device tax is reinstated. Congress must #RepealDeviceTax. 

Learn about diabetes and the role of medtech in diabetes care from Hannah Davis, a college-bound diabetes patient with a very special story. 

This device is the smallest pacemaker in the world.

Members of Congress explain: the medical device tax limits the ability of innovators to make long term investments in new lifesaving #medtech. Read the full letter. #RepealDeviceTax 

We've joined @PassUSMCA to help bring North American trade into the 21st century. Read more about this important new coalition. 

#Medtech manufacturers address cybersecurity throughout the product lifecycle to ensure safety and effectiveness when it matters. Read more.

Natalie and James made a #medtech match on a single blind date. Now, they’re married. This is their story. 

.⁦⁦@AdvaMedUpdate⁩’s ⁦@rileyswinehart⁩ discussing the important role #medtech is playing in combatting the #opioidcrisis

.⁦⁦@AdvaMedUpdate⁩’s ⁦@rileyswinehart⁩ discussing the important role #medtech is playing in combatting the #opioidcrisis


“If Congress does not #RepealDeviceTax, billions of dollars will be diverted away from R&D for cures and therapies.” Read the full letter from these members of Congress. 

The #USMCA will increase exports, lift wages, expand choices for consumers, accelerate innovation and boost the U.S. economy. We're excited to join @PassUSMCA in getting this landmark trade victory across the finish line. 

This exoskeleton is custom tailored for gait impaired individuals to help them stand and walk.

Thanks, @RepJasonSmith, for standing up for American #medtech innovators. #RepealDeviceTax 

Thanks, @RepJasonSmith, for standing up for American #medtech innovators. #RepealDeviceTax 

Thanks, @RepLaHood, for standing up for American #medtech innovators. #RepealDeviceTax 

Thanks, @RepLaHood, for standing up for American #medtech innovators. #RepealDeviceTax 

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