Missy of Suburbia

Missy of Suburbia



Norwegian/German Alien Lovatic👽 Crazy dachshund lady Dachshund mom❤ Chronic illness warrior: ~Anxiety ~Depression💚 ~Endometriosis💛 ~Fibromyalgia💜

Stavanger, Norway
Joined on August 02, 2009


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My name is , aber ich hab ich auch nicht mehr so viel wie möglich zu halten, My age is, aber ich hab ich auch nicht mehr so viel wie möglich zu halten, I was born , , , , , , , , , I like to to the Bruno, , , , , , , , ........what the actual fuck?😂 https://twitter.com/born2luvmusic/status/1095495523484794880 …

So I'm "clean" from cutting, but not from self harm, I guess?😅😂

I useda to think that cutting was the only form of self harm, in which case I would be "clean" for 3 years and 3 months now.. buut.. when I'm anxious (which is pretty much all the time atm) I literally pick/rip my skin off of my thumbs...

18 days ago

Anxiety: Aren’t you like...worried? Me: About what? Anxiety: I don't know Me: Oh my god you’re right, thanks for reminding me

11 days ago

today is a bad day.

Yesterday when taking a nap I dreamt that I put spotify on shuffle (not just one of my playlist but the entire app...😂) and then TH's newest song stsrted playing and I got mad at myself because I had put spotify on shuffle even though I didn't want to listen to that song😂

NEW VIDEO UP!! i built myself an at-home spa from amazon products because reasons. 💆🏻‍♀️🛀🏻 RT for a chance at a shoutout in an upcoming video!


How can I expect people to stick around and handle my illness when I can't even do it myself?😕

Manche Leute saugen Dir deine komplette Energie aus weil sie wissen du bist hilfst immer und kannst nicht nein sagen


Still can't get myself to listen to the new song😞 Maybe it'll be easier when the whole album comes out.. Or maybe after the tour😯

My lil baby♡ snoopy_the_dachshund #Snoopy #dachs #dachshund #dackel #wienerdog #sausagedog #shorthair #blackandtan #lilbaby #mybaby #petsofinstagram #petstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BtXrzitgx6j/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1ul78hqxr3hif …

I want a boyfriend with a dog because I want daily dog cuddles but can't have my own dog for several reasons... 😂😂

But after just a few words she stopped, looked straight past me, at my dad and then told him. He was about 1 meter away. Why? Why couldn't she tell me? I did/said the exact same thing I always have when picking up a package there, with and without wheelchair.

He pushed me to the counter where you can pick up your mail, and walked away to look at something or walk around a bit. I said hi to the lady workikg there and handed her the slip. After a while she startet telling me that it had been delivered to the wrong store

I thought humans had realised that you can talk normally to people in wheelchsirs too but: A few days ago I went to the store with my dad to pick up a package. He had to push the wheelchair(I need it sometimes due to chronic pain), my arms hurt too much for me to do it myself.

I'm too depressed to listen to the new song, which makes me even more depressed....😒

The new single is being released in 2 hours and I'm not excited what so ever... wtf is wrong with me?

RT if you’ve ever: - had a panic attack - had an anxiety attack - had a depressive episode - had an intrusive thought - had suicidal thoughts Let’s see how common these things that make us feel so alone really are.


One of my biggest mistakes in life has been not buying that damn 'I felt it all' shirt at the FIA Tour 😒 I'm so annoyed at myself😒😣 Maybe I could just order a shirt online somewhere and have them print the stuff on there? 😂 I just need it for a blanket I wanna make😭

#tb #throwback #holtekilen #folkehøgskole #fhs #redhairdontcare #motedesign #mote #design motedesignholtekilen https://www.instagram.com/p/BtTK-WNAIR8/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=qma9oix75eph …

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