My Cat is Judging You

My Cat is Judging You



Earthling, US citizen, CA resident. Supporter of #commonsense & leaving the world better than I found it. #resist My cat is judging you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

California, USA
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Every day that @GOP doesn't hold trump to the SAME standard they held Obama to is a day they fail the American people. #DoYourJob #lowbar

Hate crimes in the US (2016-2018): 21,000 Hate crime hoaxes in the US (2016-2018): 50 What Smollett did was wrong but the big problem isn’t the .2% which are hoaxes, it’s the hate crimes which have risen 20% since Trump took office.


.@Politico reports today: "A wide-ranging disinformation campaign aimed at Democratic 2020 candidates is already underway on social media, with signs that foreign state actors are driving at least some of the activity."


Quoted @jimsciutto

Durbin on GOP & Trump: "They hold back for fear of what might happen at home." Me. "You're saying they're more scared of the potential of being primaried than they are scared that the pres. is undermining national security? Durbin: "in many instances, I'm sorry that's the case"

Vote. Them. ALL. Out.

Quoted @GreatDismal

Sparrows above Rome were the color of black and white television, tuned to a dead channel. …

That seems creepily biblical

Quoted @thedailybeast

A white-supremacist Coast Guard lieutenant is accused of stockpiling weapons, compiling a hit list of Democratic senators and left-leaning journalists, and preparing for a massacre 

Can we talk about white supremacists that are trained by our military? I think we should talk about that. I served in the Army. I was trained as an infantryman. A grunt. That’s about as nuts-and-bolts as it gets in the military. (THREAD)


TL;DR - The right wing uses "socialism" as a boogeyman and has for decades. NB: The things cited below are not socialism (polio vaccine, interstate highway system, etc.), just FYI. Also, read the thread! It's good. #socialism #history

Quoted @RawStory

Pro-Russian Coast Guard lieutenant arrested with hit list of liberal senators wanted to establish ‘a white homeland’ …

Pro-Russian Coast Guard lieutenant arrested with hit list of liberal senators wanted to establish ‘a white homeland’ …

This can't possibly be good.


Quoted @CrimeADay

42 USC §2273 & 10 CFR §26.109(b)(3) make it a crime for urine collectors with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to not initiate "shy bladder" procedures when a donor fails to provide enough pee within 3 hours of their first failed attempt.

Shy bladder procedures... 😳🙄🤔

Where are the hearings? I expected hearings literally daily after we took the house. We are two years past time for accountability. .@RepAdamSchiff .@RepMaxineWaters .@RepCummings

Quoted @maxbergmann

McConnell, Ryan, Nunes and Burr all knew there was a counterintel investigation into Trump and in response they acted... to defend and cover up for him. Ryan backed Nunes’ efforts to undermine DOJ. McConnell blocked Mueller protection/election sec bills. They’re all implicated. …

Ohhh Deviiiin.... you can't hide. .@DevinNunes .@RepDevinNunes

Quoted @AP

BREAKING: President Vladimir Putin warns new Russian weapons will target US if it deploys missiles to Europe.

A now this. This what Donald Trump has done, right here. This fool has brought the world back to the brink of another Cold War and pushed the hands of the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight. He threatens us all, everyone. Trump needs to be impeached, now.


How much more obstruction must we watch in plain sight before impeachment? #AskingForACountry.@HouseDemocrats .@SpeakerPelosi

Quoted @Public_Citizen

Trump's Deputy AG nominee Jeffrey Rosen is an anti-regulatory extremist and an exemplar of revolving door politics — a lawyer for the airlines and auto industry who's aggressively advanced his former clients’ perspectives when inside of government. Thread. …

Jeffrey Rosen is another example of actions & appointees who are shocking but no longer surprising. With people like Mattis, Rosenstein, McMaster gone, we have an administration simply stocked with cronies, corporatists and family. In the worst sense, we have Mob rule.


🚨 What can we do to stop this?🚨 @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi @NRDC @ewg @EWGPrez @EcoWatch @bamonsanto @NextGenAmerica @YEARSofLIVING @CaliforniaDTSC @latimes @GavinNewsom @SenKamalaHarris @amyklobuchar @SenWarren @MikeLevinCA

For nearly 4 years, our media refused to vet @BernieSanders. So our humble blog put together a collection of 108 essays we've written to do the job they won't. Here is your ultimate #vettingBernie resource.


Quoted @washingtonpost

Trump to create Space Force but will place it under Air Force secretary control as Pentagon officials wanted 

There is already a space force and it is already part of the Air Force, hence Air Force Space Command. 38,000 military and civilian employees at more than 100 locations around the world. One major reason few in military wanted this.


A friend of mine sat next to John Brennan on a plane and asked him if the Russia thing was as bad as they say. John Brennan said, “Can’t tell you what, but it’s much worse than you think.” Mueller hasn’t found too little, he found too much. #DemocracyShaken


Quoted @farhip

Missed this. Seems more than media types jumped to conclusions in the Smollet case (h/t @brianstelter’s newsletter):

Missed this. Seems more than media types jumped to conclusions in the Smollet case (h/t @brianstelter’s newsletter):

Interesting.. don't you think .@DonaldJTrumpJr ? Now sit down and STFU.

Quoted @tribelaw

Even failed efforts to risk the proliferation of nuclear weapons by the Saudis and to endanger our national security for personal profit reveal a treacherous state of mind that casts a dark shadow over Trump and his entire criminal team …

It now seems these corrupt, illegal and potentially deadly plans (in violation of the Atomic Energy Act) didn’t end when Flynn left the WH — voluntarily and not, despite Trump’s lies, under pressure from POTUS. The plans continued into LAST WEEK!!!


Quoted @voxdotcom

CNN’s new political editor, Sarah Isgur, once referred to her future employer as the “Clinton News Network,” and has used false claims and conspiracies to demean Democrats. She’ll coordinate the network’s 2020 coverage on TV and online. …

Won't be watching .@CNN 2020 coverage until this person is gone. This is bias I don't need.

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