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I never wanted to join the FBI (even as an X-files fan!) until the Mueller investigation happened and I realized what rockstars many of them are. I still won't join. I wouldn't pass their investigation process and I'd never get through Quantico. Lol But, a girl can dream.

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What the holy fuck? Going to help rig elections and whoever votes wrong gets sent to a nursing home in China? Tell me this isn't Ivanka's Grand Scheme for when she is named Grand Wizardress of the whole world? It is, isn't it?

Replying to @ellievan65 @MaryKeithBare1

Why the HELL are the Trumps are getting trademarks for voting machines from CHINA? I heard about this before too. Fishy!!

In the last month, Ivanka’s company received the largest number of new Chinese trademarks in a single month since her father took office. The latest China trademarks cover shoes, jewelry, voting machines and nursing homes


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Agreed. I’m aware of the protocol surrounding minimum wage. My point wasn’t well made. I believe the legislation should set an absolute minimum, but then address a calculation that will make increases automatically,rather than battling constantly for that mininimum. It’s Overdue

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An absolute number of $15 an hour simply does not answer the issue. People need a minimum wage that keeps up with the cost-of-living and enables them to pay for every single essential That their family might need. setting a number as law does not deal with inflation or COLA.

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Agreed. That should have been done years ago. Probably will need to be upped to $20-25 by the time Congress ups it to $15.

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Quoted @paulkrugman

Seattle Minimum Wage Experiment is Over by @ritholtz http://ritholtz.com/2016/12/seattle-min-wage-update/ …

The economy will benefit as wage earners are able to spend more vs. corporations & the wealthy, who tend to hoard cash. GOP always claims this will hurt the economy & create unemployment, but reality in $15 minimum wage states & cities shows otherwise.

There’s no question about it — the federal minimum wage must be increased to $15 an hour.


I totally just scared the hell outta some poor girl... I guess my neighbor hired a new dog walker and, as I was coming into the building behind her I see his pooch and shout, WHADDUP BITCH!!! She almost dropped the keys... I was like, oh no no no, I was talkin to the dog... 😬🐶


El Paso Sues Trump For Damaging Their Reputation And Economy


Lawsuit: In Canton, Michigan, a 69-year-old-man died after Canton dispatch operator turned off 911 system because she was "having a bad day." 911 was called 13 times after he suffered a heart attack, but no one responded because she had turned off dispatch

Heads up. We have a fellow resister reported by MAGAts to the hilt and their acct was suspended. Please follow @FloofSpikey, if you can. Its a bitch trying to start over. Thanks in advance💙💙


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Is it morning yet? This vampire doesn't sleep till around dawn, so yeah, I'm up. It's only 7pm here! My day has barely started!

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Only because I have “friends”. Thank god I live where this is legal.

Only because I have “friends”. Thank god I live where this is legal.


My anxiety level is high. What's going to happen? Are the good guys going to win?


Replying to @Astartiel @MissesShannonMJ and 2 others

Yes. Hardly someone with an open mind. Sadly I've come to learn the tactics of organized disinformation. This group never lies outright- they just mislead. I think they fear liability if they actually lie, and they think just providing misleading information will protect them.

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They're GREY Aliens 👽, not GAY Aliens. And they're most likely asexual clones. Geeze. Lol

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Please, tell me this is a satire article! Lol

Replying to @Stop_Trump20

The sad part is, based on the headline, I couldn't tell if it was sensationalism or satire.......

Replying to @Stop_Trump20 @Mr_JSheffield

I know this is satire, but part of me thinks Pence may believe this ridiculousness. Scary

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