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Hey guys it’s 7:35 am on Tuesday March 27, and just wanted to say like ya love ya guys, fucking BIG3 for life😘 @UWeighA_milTON @natachri21

Been 3 years but I finally remembered the password to the account. Is Claire still our slave guys? @natachri21 @UWeighA_milTON @claichri10

Claire is our slave @UWeighA_milTON @nootc_21

Sup @UWeighA_milTON

When you find out that Craig Baron is the coolest guy ever! #big3probs #metallama #alexwasntthere

When my dumb ass mom asks me when I'm going to apologize for my behavior. I ain't got nothin to say sorry for you bitch #big3probs #hateher

When your dads favorite instrument was the flute #big3probs

When Alex is the biggest bully in the world to you #big3probs

When you join Marching Band just for the parades and bitch when you have practice for 2 hours #big3probs

@BIG3PROBLEMS when #2 & #3 have a sleep over & #1 can't again. ... #Big3problems @nootc21

When #1 and #3 are single but #2 is in a relationship #big3probs

When only one of the BIG3 favorites the BIG3's tweets #big3probs #thanksnatalie #thebest

When you apologize to the BIG3 and the don't reply so you don't know if they accept your apology or not #big3probs

When 2 out of the BIG3 play the flute and the other plays the drums #big3probs but its ok cuz next year it's the opposite of that

When all you look forward to in the summer is marching band, cut-offs, snapbacks, and days you get to sleep in #big3probs

When all 3 members of the BIG3 have to go to church every Sunday #big3probs

Being the most RATCHET ASS KIDS in your grade #big3probs

No matter what happens, whether we fight, make fun of eachother, or we're just dicks to eachother. The BIG3 will always stick together

When one of the BIG3 members tries to kick you out just cuz they mad #big3probs #notcool

@BIG3PROBLEMS: When two out of the BIG3's parents are complete psycho paths and yell at you all the time #big3probs #Sandy #Christine

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