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Russia,China,Iran,Syria,Cuba and the democratic socialist party all support Venezuela president Nicholas maduro

Beavis and Budhead said last night that we don’t have a crisis🤔🤔🤔

Palm beach and broward county in Florida are a embarrassment!

Republicans are embarrassment

Socialist democratic party has become a banana republic

The socialist democratic party is destroying our Constitution and our rule of law

Democrats stop monkey around with socialism read a book and educate yourself if this phrase offense you read the book of Genesis

Mr. President you have the opportunity in history as the greatest president in my lifetime ,although big mistakes and one of them is senator McCain controversy in reference POW any man that puts on a uniform 🇺🇸comes back dead or alive or a POW is a hero apologize and let’s move

Amy Barret My choice

Ted Cruz ,for Supreme Court justice

Ted Cruz ,for justice of the Supreme Court

On CNN Como asked Rudy how does he know there’s no Russian collusion.simple answer after a year and a half of investigation they have found none either the FBI is incompetent or there is an any either CNN reporters are incompetent or there isn’t an any. Rudy was a disappointment

Why is it so hard to understand that the people that are responsible for 💩hole country are the people that the president wants to keep out

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