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Former GOP. PR consultant, TV pundit, writer. Ran GOP campaigns, past cong staffer, RNC, fmr adjunct professor @GSPMgwu. NeverTrump, editor A House United

Washington, DC
Joined on January 18, 2012


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Team Trump asking me to be communications director. Trump & Lewandowski lied when they said I "begged" for a job.

Team Trump asking me to be communications director. Trump & Lewandowski lied when they said I "begged" for a job.


Quoted @DonaldJTrumpJr

They wouldn’t have to damage control if it wasn’t so obvious that they desperately wanted this kind of anti-Trump coverage to be true. You can hear the joy in their voices when reporting even the most asinine stories. They can’t help it. See Smollett, Covington, Russia etc... …

Dude, what's your point?! You & your father are RACISTS regardless of the validity of Smollett's claims. You're a White Privileged Piece of American SHIT. And going on about this is RACIST, too. So on behalf of The Majority, shut your fucking pie-hole & make daddy an omelet!


“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.” ― William Faulkner @highbrow_nobrow

2018 Was The Worst Year For Stocks In The Past 10-Years @highbrow_nobrow

Kentucky Gov: Kim Davis, Not Kentucky, Must Pay For $225k In Lawsuit Costs @highbrow_nobrow

“By official statistics, an American infant is almost 50 percent more likely to die than a Cuban infant,” due to the country’s universal healthcare system. (via Nicholas Kristof / the New York Times) @highbrow_nobrow

Infants Born In The U.S. Are Far More Likely To Die Than Infants Born In Cuba @highbrow_nobrow

Rick Perry seeks to award Centrus, a US nuclear firm that recently declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a $115M no-bid government contract. On top of this, Centrus is linked to Russia. @highbrow_nobrow

Perry Seeks To Award A No-Bid Contract To A Failing Business With Ties To Russia @highbrow_nobrow

“The popular vote ‘Compact’ members currently have 172 electoral votes across the 11 states. If 98 more electoral votes commit it would go into effect and effectively eliminate the unfairness of the electoral college.” @highbrow_nobrow

Colorado Senate Passes Bill To Eliminate Its Participation In Electoral College @highbrow_nobrow

Trump has given multiple accounts of what he did on 9/11. In this account, Trump makes it sound like he personally went down to Ground Zero and pulled people from the rubble of the Trade Towers. There is no evidence of this. @highbrow_nobrow

(Video) Trump Claims He Helped Rescue People From The Rubble On 9/11 @highbrow_nobrow

The wife of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Angela Paxton, who is a Texas state senator, has introduced a bill that would excuse the crime that Paxton is currently charged with committing. @highbrow_nobrow

Wife Of Texas AG Introduces Bill That Would Absolve Him Of Criminal Liability @highbrow_nobrow

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) appeared to claim that the GOP did not control the House in the first 2-years of Trump's term. Thus, this is why he claims there is no border wall. @highbrow_nobrow

New York health inspectors say Trump’s restaurant has evidence of mice, filthy food prep areas and broken sewage systems. @highbrow_nobrow

NY Health Inspectors Say Trump’s NY Restaurant “Conducive To Attracting Vermin" @highbrow_nobrow

Trump somehow found the willpower to play his 171st game of golf today. At the beginning of the month, he even had to veer his attention away from the nation's most pressing issues in order to shoot a photo-op with Tiger Woods. @highbrow_nobrow

Trump Finds The Courage To Golf As The National Reels From A National Emergency @highbrow_nobrow

Lindsey Graham Supports Taking Money From Military Housing To Fund Trump's Wall @highbrow_nobrow

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