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The #milf of your dreams and your nightmares all at the same time. Not looking for anything so don't ask. 37 yo, divorced #nsfw

Manchester, England
Joined on December 31, 2018


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I'm only here because I ran out of enemies to defeat

Quoted @DebsDivorced

Favourite place to finish. RT and vote, let's settle this....

Results are in....

Time to go dream...... #horny #milf

Time to go dream...... #horny #milf


And that's the first and last black cock I ever had!

The next day I could barely walk and didn't leave my bed....

He bent me over..... The best I could do was bite into the pillow and take it. It felt like it was pressing up against lungs!

I did my best with my mouth, but barely got past the tip.....

But I still wasn't expecting what I found when I pulled it out.... I'd never seen anything like it.

As things got heated I could feel it more. It was huge.....

We enjoyed our night, and headed back to his...... I wasn't inexperienced but I was nervous....

We danced, the type of dance where I could feel his package..... It was big I could tell...

We chatted a few times, flirted a bit, nothing more. Then one night he stepped it up....

I'd never really been into black guys, but this one guy had something about him....

In my uni days, before I met my husband I got into myR&B music. So we used to go to a couple R&B nights around town....

A few gins in, time for a story..... #milf #yummymummy

#OtherUsesForTheForce deflecting the dick pics...

#OtherUsesForTheForce deflecting the dick pics...


Wetter than an otters pocket....

Retweet if you want to put your hands down my panties ? 😘🐻 #DirtyDm 😜

Retweet if you want to put your hands down my panties ? 😘🐻 #DirtyDm 😜

~km πŸ’‹

~km πŸ’‹


If anybody needs me tonight I'll be in my pants watching the boxing. Drinking gin obvs.

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