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@AllAmazingStuff@AllAmazingStuff … Told you!! I knew it. When a person is attacked they are shown to the core! He recovered to soon to fast. Everyone wants n needs a push in their careers. I hope HE goes to jail. … How lovely. They'll be a good catch for someone when they grow up. Neon pink carnations. Beautiful.

What's up w/A.G. in San Antone? Called 1st rang 50x s hung up n tried again n it rang for 4min 32sec before I hung up. At least put on a few music tape! … A church of any should not hold any prejudices against who, or what a person is. God sees the heart not what that person is. Go to work Ellen n send 1,000 gays there one Sunday n see what happens.

With Lucky Day, every day is a chance to win real money and prizes by playing FREE games! Use my Lucky Code 'WVB9LMS' to get started 

With Lucky Day, every day is a chance to win real money and prizes by playing FREE games! Use my Lucky Code 'WVB9LMS' to get started 


Constitutional Tights. Grow up n do productive things. I believe I said this in the beginning. … OKAY if dem's agreed on passing this bill why didn't they do it BEFORE? Like I said before it was ALL Dem's! Now to avoid yet another shutdown they passed it! A lot of wasted energy on negative outcome. Russian collusion, wall, govt shutdown n arguing our

Why is Pelosi giving House Talks? Does she think she already President? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! She's just causing problems w/ public!

DOES NOT DOES NOT Samsung.!!!!

Why is it when you try to force stop an app on Samsung phone keyboard it does allow you? They need a course in the English language. Type one word you want n they put a totally different that has NOTHING to do w/subject. 3xs even though you touch right word in bar. … Okay did they get rid of the PROSTITUTES in downtown Brownsville? No one shops there any longer. This was about 8-9 yrs ago. I'm sure it's gotten worse from what I've heard.

ABC News
3 days ago

HAPPENING NOW: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds weekly news briefing.

583 … Terrible terrible memories on Valentine's Day. Implanted in minds forevermore! Condolences to family n friend's. What was his motive pls?

Should've been pulled over for not slowing to, not 1 but 2 ER vehicles. The PD n snow plower. A woman died in MN because she couldn't see the lights of the plower, bam hit it fast n hard.

Remember when cans of fruit cocktails came w/cherries n the pineapple was soft n not HARD where you could easily eat them instead of having to spit them out? Name brand too.

Is the illegal x-boyfriend of the Greenvich Village lady going to stand trial for murdering, stuffing her body in a suitcase n tossing her on the side of road like trash? Or will he be sent back to his Country w/out any consequences?

men. I feel safer.

What's going on w/female's running for President? Geez I'm a woman too, but I know if a war broke out; I'd panic! Even as a mother n gmother I'd stormed out the door for a breather during teen yrs. I couldn't imagine trying to figure out Nation's against Nation's. Leave it to … Good for YOU!! ANY worthless bastard who takes an officer's life deserves worse than just word's. Condolences to all family member's, friend's n P.D.. I hope the bastard fries!!!!

On this day; she-devils anniversary; I got pregnant w/my one n only breath of me, son Ian.

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