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A struggling soul. I can point the way. Peace be with you. I have no escapes. God exists...He is just not the One that the worlds has...He is a Sacrificial God.

Cincinnati, OH
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Replying to @EWTNNewsNightly @FrBochanski and 2 others

Homosexuality is a painted reality by satan on a wounded heart, a temptation. Once learned and utilized, it actually become apart of them.

Homosexuality is a painted reality by satan on a wounded heart, a temptation. Once learned and utilized, it actually become apart of them.


Study the "Year Without a Summer". …

1547 is 16 years after Our Lady of Guadalupe visited in 1531. … The schism caused by the German Priest Martin Luther was about 1517. The schism caused by King Henry VIII was at about 1531. There present times will be worse than the "General Crisis".

i read an article about Ivan the Terrible being crowned 1st Czar of Russia on Jan 16, 1547. Then i researched a little and found out in the 1600s there a period called the "General Crisis" which spun itself from the "Little Ice Age". Read about it & fear. …

i believe this was significant...

The our Lord's Judgement is MORE difficult than that of the world. Our Lord sees ALL that you do, from the heart. Actions are simple and can be acted! Love is deep as an ocean. Love only makes the journey MORE burdensome, not easier. You feel more for everyone. You add it UP!!

NO ONE is guaranteed HEAVEN. The cross, all must hang from in love or be begging and hoping a lot in our Lord. Contrition is only when one is TRULY trying to change, to be more holy. Reliance on the fact that you can not change is COMPLETE stupidity. Tell your boss that!!

i AM the dead propped up by our Lord to speak to you!!

On my youngest birthday, on his 5th, a tornado hit Cincinnati, Blue Ash to be exact. On my birthday before my wife divorced me over contraception (i didn't want), a rare storm hit the Continental Divide. Click and read my Facebook post... … Shit is coming!

My eldest, my son was born the night of the San Francisco earthquake of October 17, 1989. My youngest, my son was born of the year of this...

The Tiger's thirst will grow...

if one does not see that they are of the fallen, beware if you follow them!


one has little understanding of the worm's call till ONE hears it!!

Another prayer... "Don't confuse my hate for wanting you Lord. I need you. Please help me to get to heaven. i can NOT do it without you! Amen." All prayers to the TRINITY should be CENTERED in Mary. Or NONE will be completely heard. No one REALLY heard Fatima. No one for sure.

If you ain't talking to our Lord (where is He NOT?) and telling others of Him, you truly do not see. Yes, it will not be easy. But the more you do it, the MORE He will help you, as close as you are to His Bride, Roman Catholic, It be ONLY!!

If you adored an item or a simple tool, whom would you NOT tell? There is your TRUE God or NOT! You would hide your True LOVE to whom!?

Do NOT confuse the pen with the Source of Ink, TRUTH!!!

i do NOT want life! No desire. What is the cause of YOUR desires? To smile or whatever. What burden does NOT burden, is your discernment. Burdened is the alive. The else is DEAD!

i see more when pained beyond want of life!!

When Italy quakes, see it from our Lord!!

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