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French-English despite the name. Covers foreign affairs for Reuters in Paris, lots of other bits. views my own etc, Arsenal fan for my sins

Paris, France
Joined on June 25, 2010


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.@CrisisGroup welcomes 4 new Trustees: Gérard Araud, French Ambassador to U.S. (starting April) Susana Malcorra, ex Foreign Minister, Argentina Meghan O’Sullivan, ex U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Ahmed Charai, chairman, Maroc Telematique

Provocation too far? After Di Maio accuses France of continuing to be a colonial power in Africa and suggests sanctions, chief of staff of French Europe affairs minister @NathalieLoiseau summons Italian envoy

Office of #French European Affairs minister @NathalieLoiseau summoned #Italian envoy following comments on #France in Africa by Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio - Paris had until now remained pretty reserved despite a string of controversial statements by Italian officials

Lots of striking nuggets on the economics behind the 'yellow vests' in this @LThomas12 story, but this one takes the cake: without tax & welfare payouts, nearly 42% of the French would be living in poverty, the highest rate in the OECD

Meanwhile special purpose véhicule for trade with Iran expected to be legally registered by end of month, but will take several months to be operational. France, Britain, Germany all stepped up to take lead on it.

Policy of dialogue and pressure to continue, but frustration of lack of progress in talks on missiles and alleged assassination plots in Europe.

Europeans to start exploring ne sanctions over Iran’s ballistic missile programme.

Europe's patience with Iran wears thin, tiptoes toward Trump  with@rdfemmott

In Tehran on Jan. 8 during a meeting w/ French,British German,Danish ,Dutch & Belgian diplomats, Iranian officials abruptly stood up, walked out &slammed the door in an extraordinary break with protocol. ⁦@IrishJReuters⁩ ⁦⁦⁦@rdfemmott

Il n'y a pas si longtemps, on entendait "les Français n'interviennent pas au Centre du #Mali car c'est plus une insurrection que du terrorisme". Mais ça c'était il y a trois mois, une éternité

Great wrap from Reuters on the EU wearily watching the Brexit meltdown from afar. Macron says he doesn't want to "waste time" on Brexit drama, while his EU minister @NathalieLoiseau says she has better things to do "than dealing with a divorce".

Quoted @AFP

#BREAKING DR Congo rebukes African Union over call for vote results suspension, says constitutional court 'independent'

#BREAKING DR Congo rebukes African Union over call for vote results suspension, says constitutional court 'independent'


A consequence of #US sanctions as an increasing number of #Iranians turn up in Calais ready to cross one of the world’s busiest shipping lines by boat ...

France growing increasingly frustrated by lack of progress on its discussions with Iran over its ballistic missile programme, Iran sticking firm that its programme remains defensive

#France condemns failed #Iran satellite launch, urges halt to ballistics tests.

“Since September we’ve been seeing Iranians, who we didn’t see before, and they’re crossing by boats. They are the only ones ready to risk it. It’s probably because of the sanctions," said Maya Konforti, an official at the local Auberge des Migrants charity.

The number of Iranians in and around Calais began swelling in late 2017, after Serbia scrapped a visa requirement for Iranian citizens in August that year, opening up an easier route to the European Union.

Mohamed is part of a new trend: Iranians crossing by small boats, often rigid inflatables bought online, and sometimes stolen fishing boats

“Everyone can succeed. The police only get us if our engine breaks,” Mohamed told Reuters, declining to reveal his full name.

New passage to #Britain as #Iranian migrants use boats to cross Channel

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