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Communication Consultant. Author, mom to human and Husky. 40 years a progressive.I block mean, I block stupid,I block the Burn. No DMs. #HRC

Seattle, WA
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Does anyone else wish they were friends with the Honey Bunches of Oats rhyming lady?

Okay so @maddow just dropped a huge turd into Donald Trump's punch bowl. WOW.

Quoted @JMunozActor

1 minute 15 seconds of the best summation of the impact of today’s news. 100% in agreement and thankful for her wisdom, heart, and overall perspective. #JussieSmollett @MSNBC

1 minute 15 seconds of the best summation of the impact of today’s news. 100% in agreement and thankful for her wisdom, heart, and overall perspective.
#JussieSmollett @MSNBC

I agree. This was beautiful.

So William Barr is shutting Mueller down. What now?

Quoted @KaraCalavera

No one ever said any of that was radical. We just understood that such things take more work than just standing at a podium and screaming about them over and over again. https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1097884033760018434 …


This is a thing now. @realdonaldtrump is actively campaigning for a Nobel Prize. Think about that for a second. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bernie is in the race and sucking up all the bucks just like old white dudes are likely to do. William Barr has apparently shut down the Mueller investigation and we'll get a little paragraph or two. Life sucks at this moment.

So apparently it didn't take William Barr very long to shut down the Mueller investigation. Done. Check that one off your list. This mess is never going to get better.

Replying to @docrocktex26 @DMandicino

Bernie did nothing but Bash Hillary and throw a cog in the wheel her campaign. He has been bashing Democrats his entire political career. Voting for him is voting for Trump. That’s all.

Who would do better in a debate against Donald Trump?


Quoted @MaddowBlog

HEADS UP: We've got something cooking.

HEADS UP: We've got something cooking.

This is will be the blockbuster of the day. I hope they're ready to do it soon, too. Otherwise the righties will be up in arms.

Quoted @The_UnSilent_

This is what the new head of @CNN politics thinks of Kellyanne Conway 😐 https://twitter.com/whignewtons/status/830930299307581441 …


Quoted @reeseer1

Seems fairly straightforward to me. If you're not a Democrat, and don't want to be a Democrat, you shouldn't be running for the Democratic Party's nomination.

Just sayin.

Quoted @MiekeEoyang

No previous journalism experience? Check. Past career working for politicians? Check. Speak frequently to the media? Check. If this hire sticks, I'm available to direct political coverage at @foxnewspolitics https://www.thedailybeast.com/cnn-staffers-demoralized-by-hiring-of-gop-operative-sarah-isgur-to-oversee-2020-coverage …

A reason to take @CNN off your viewing list. This is absurd.

I haven't had my coffee yet and already had to switch the @MSNBC off. It is now the all Bernard all the time network and I honestly cannot do this. Bernie is now the frontrunner? I literally feel sick to my stomach. We'll guarantee Trump four more years with Bernie in this race.


Trump is working for Putin. Trump is obstructing justice. And now, for the first time since the 2018 midterms, I feel like Democrats will NOT be able to beat him. I won't say why I feel that way, but events LAST NIGHT AND THIS MORNING have me very afraid.

Quoted @Clara_Resists

There's no good way to spin this, Brian. The American public would rather see @CNN and #MSM in general invest more time, money, and resources into fact-based journalism, not yet another person spouting @GOP /Trumpian propaganda. Because #FactsMatter, right?

It is beyond the pale for @CNN to make this hire. So what was the deal? Hannity turn you down?

Quoted @sarahkendzior

CNN has hired as "commentators": * Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski * Trump campaign staffer and Putin image consultant Michael Caputo * Racist Jeffrey Lord who was fired only after he literally tweeted "sieg hiel" Of course they hired a Jeff Sessions operative.

Listen to Sarah, folks.👇

Is @BenJealous seriously trying to make the case that Bernie Sanders will get a larger share of the black vote (which would mean black women) this time than he did in 2016? Really? Is that the consensus that Bernie is more popular among black women now than in 2016?

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