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Las Vegas, NV
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Hey @TheRock my husband and I are watching #TheTitanGames and we're wondering what your friends call you? DJ? Rock? Dwayne?

I can't tell if I'm watching my show with lots of ASPCA commercials or watching an ASPCA show with bizarre foods commercials

To all the dumb people who thought eating #tidepods was a good idea: thanks because now I have to go to customer service to get items for a household chore #FirstWorldProblem #ThanksButNoThanks I woke up this morning in cat vomit. #catmom #nasty #morningmotivation

Well I was watching @GhostAdventures and my neighbors upstairs loudly drop something... I almost peed. Not ashamed. @Zak_Bagans #notcool #apartmentliving #GhostAdventures #jumpscare

A delicious dinner to celebrate a fantastic man. Happy early birthday love! meller.tim hellskitchenfox #stickytoffeepudding @ Hells Kitchen …

Got to see the Christmas tree on the strip today 😁 now for some smackdown live! …

The most famous person to ever tweet me back was the social media guy at @Wendys #thanksman

New favorite thing: the pear berry tea at @Wendys everyone needs this in their life. 😍

Apple cider cupcakes. And yes I'm such a baking nerd that I posted the pre-frosting cupcakes too. They were just too beautiful to not! Can't wait to try. …

Does anyone else have a backup shampoo brand that you get when your normal brand is sold out? Or is that just me

Happy Halloween! …

How come whenever I open a two pack @Starburst I always get yellow and orange. I hate yellow and orange. #badluck #everytime

This is me today

I'm so done with today. How can a good day turn 180 in 5 minutes?

Best husband prize goes to meller.tim sent me flowers and a cookie while I was at work. Happy belated anniversary love, you are the most amazing person I know 🥰 …

You know what kind of day you're going to have when you try to staple papers together with a stapler remover.

The kitties got a new cat condo (suck it movers!) I think they approve 🥰 #starbuckadventures #catmom #claraoswald …

Destroyed my first formal observation! One down 2 to go! #musicteacher #mondaymotivation #firstyear

@GordonRamsay would not approve

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