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The Motivation Course from  is now revised. #motivation #course

Course development continues, and it will be out in some fashion next month. #motivatio #motivation

inside your head are all of the ideas and capabilities that you will turn into reality, when you decide to act on them.

Focusing Better: use strength in one area to improve your ability to focus

Personal Revolutions: The Benefits of Social Behavior:

In any order, it works when compared to doing nothing: desire, plan, action - plan, action, desire - action, plan, desire.

Here Is Your Daily Video Motivation For Today: "You Gain Strength Overcoming Obstacles"

Identifying your goals more clearly is motivating in itself. How? It focuses your mind to generate new thoughts for getting to your goals.

Talking with anyone can be rewarding: look to expand your own experience by understanding how a different person navigates their life.

the iPhone app for #Motivatio was approved today! Tuning up the content now.

Questions for moving your life forward: Where are you now? Assess. Where are you going? Mission, vision. How will you get there? Actions.

And in the meantime work on the next edition of the Motivatio newsletter (

Hello twitter! Time to integrate the feed into the website.

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