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This meeting is adjourned.#PHLed

The Student Achievement & Support Committee will now discuss their recommendations to the Board regarding upcoming Action Items. #PHLed

It is time to hear from our public participants.#PHLed

Now the Student Achievement & Support committee will discuss Action Items anticipated for the February 28th Action meeting. #PHLed

The next report is an update on new charter applications from the Charter Schools Office by Christina Grant, Interim Chief of Charter Schools and Innovation. #PHLed

We are getting started with a report from the Office of Talent on the District’s recruitment and retention strategies from Louis Bellardine (Chief Talent Officer) and Teresa Rita (Deputy Chief Talent Officer). #PHLed

Click here for today’s meeting agenda and materials: … #PHLed

Our Student Achievement & Support Committee Meeting is getting started! Interested viewers can watch at , on Comcast Channel 52 & on Verizon Fios Channel 20. #PHLed

This meeting is adjourned. #PHLed

Now the Finance & Facilities committee will discuss their recommendations to the Board regarding upcoming Action Items. #PHLed

It is time to hear from our public participants. #PHLed

Next on the agenda: A discussion of upcoming Action Items anticipated for the February 28th Action Meeting. #PHLed

Followed by the monthly update on facilities renovations and remediation projects by COO Danielle Floyd. #PHLed

A budget update for Fiscal Year 2020, review of assessment appeals program, and updates on the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning system by CFO Uri Monson. #PHLed

There are four District reports for today’s meeting: #PHLed

“Additionally, members of the Procurement Team will provide a brief overview of the key guidelines within the policy at the Policy Committee meeting.” #PHLed

“The draft policy will be reviewed by the Policy Committee at their next meeting on March 14th. Copies of all draft policies being reviewed will be posted to our website on March 7th.” #PHLed

“This committee has been working with the Procurement Team to develop a draft policy on anti-discrimination in the procurement of materials and contracted services.” #PHLed

“Before we begin the business portion of today’s meeting, I’d also like to give an update on behalf of the committee.” -co-chair Lee Huang #PHLed

“This is our first meeting being held in the early evening. By holding some of our meetings at this time, we hope to engage more of our stakeholders.” -co-chair Lee Huang #PHLed

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