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The @PSNotebook will be covering these issues throughout the school year. Feel free to contact us with any story ideas. #JJEdSuccess

A former student involved in the juvenile justice system wrote a heartfelt column about the importance of teachers as mentors and second chances. … #JJedsucess #PHLed

Hi! Lauren Wiley, interim ED, at the Notebook is here and excited to talk about the new edition. #JJEdSuccess

In just a few minutes, 3pm, follow our Twitter chat on education and juvenile justice in #PHLed. Use the hashtag #JJEdSuccess

Chris McGinley says @mastcharter has applied to be a merged charter organization, or MCSO; it would be first MCSO in PA. Charter School Office is reviewing; @PHLschoolboard will vote on it in October. #phled

Sept 13, 5pm in the Committee Room on 440 N Broad: @PHLschoolboard's next student achievement meeting to talk about early literacy, early math, special ed and disability services, talent recruiting, Title IX, and after sch opportunities #phled

Former Strawberry Mansion HS principal, Linda Cliatt-Wayman, says school was like a family to kids that didn't have one. Tells @PHLschoolboard that Mansion must continue operating #phled

Former Strawberry Mansion HS principal, Linda Cliatt-Wayman, says school was like a family to kids that didn't have one. Tells @PHLschoolboard that Mansion must continue operating #phled


Parent of special needs children calls for investigation into @foxchasepride for administrative misconduct, ignoring reports of bullying, and retaliating against her family. Accuses district and @SDPHite of failing to address her concerns. Hite says will follow up w her #phled

Catherine Blunt talking about legacy of Ruth Hayre, first black HS teacher in Philly & first female Bd of Ed president. Strawberry Mansion was rededicated as Dr. Ruth Hayre Educ Center in 1990.; wants the building & programs there to live up to her memory. #phled

Takia Lamar, whose children study at Richard Allen CS, lauds the school for its relationships with the surrounding community and says losing school is like losing a family member. Praises variety of activities at school, e.g. chess, visits to historically black colleges. #phled

Delores Brown-Waters says more support required for special needs students in Roxborough HS, incl. her own daughter #phled

CEO of Richard Allen Prep CS, Larry Jones, describes improvements in discipline and school climate at Allen for @PHLschoolboard to consider in discussing charter renewal process. #phled

Tamarra Clark, grandparent of 5 @MasteryCharter students, shares stories of "how Pastorius teachers worked together to help [her] grandson." #phled

Izzy Kaufman talks to @PHLschoolboard about disability education, says need to teach students about ADA regulations and allow students with disabilities to share stories in safe envt. #phled

Ilene Poses, a retired #PHLed educator, decries a plan to allow Ad Prima CS to Mt. Airy. Also has concerns about Strawberry Mansion HS - says school is being closed even if district insists it's not.

.@karlitakat1 blasts plans for Strawberry Mansion & mtg held Aug 14. Says District reps were unresponsive. She says @sdphite is sowing distrust & plan is to turn skl to "beehive of vendors," likens it to invasion. … #phled

"It's time to stop this and emerge from your fortress and listen to the community," says Karel Kilimnik of @APPSphilly to @PHLschoolboard and @SDPHite about Strawberry Mansion HS #phled. The Notebook reported on recent Mansion discussion in …

Michael Imburgia of @ExcelSchoolsPA hopes district will streamline admissions process to improve transparency and reduce the stress that students and families face in choosing schools #phled

"I look forward to working with you as we move forward," says @PHLschoolboard chair Joyce Wilkerson to Jim Whitehead of @32BJSEIU. Whitehead invites board to visit his office for coffee and chats anytime, acknowledging that the board has "a hard job". #phled

Jim Whitehead of @32BJSEIU speaks after district leader Bennett, praises new board and feels they will "move forward in new ways". Hopes to see "pro-public school advocates" in Harrisburg and stresses the fact that union members are "school district employees". #phled

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