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Forever walking in beauty.. As well as on the edge!

Maryland, USA
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Besides all the #Indigenous people in the US. All immigrants in a position of power should be vetted more closely and taking seriously! The @realDonaldTrump And others within the government are obviously a little #suspect #ImpeachThemotherfucker #FailedYourOath The US is Better

Time is up! Time to #ImpeachTrump and #ExpellMcconnell America is better off without these #Motherfuckers

If we lose all credibility as a nation.. And end up near collapse or war. The I want a public execution of the man in charge!

Yyyeeeeaaahhhh!! We finally have Friggin ❄ snow..

Are "Articals of Impeachment" now relevant! No thought and let alone one he could read.. He's no man and let alone, one who pretends to be.. #failedoath #treason #resist #resistance #ImpeachTrump #

Hey #Government Hey, people! It's time that the "Articals of Impeachment" be put in place. Persecution of all administration officials should all be investigated. Time for failure Mr. President, is over! #TimesUp

Who's really buying this bullshit.. #Totally You Failed your oath you #DumbFuck @realDonaldTrump Is a failure..

Hey Motherfucker, Face your fears. For once in your life.. Be a man! Fuck your wall. And once again do the right thing! #Resign #FuckTheMotherfucker #TrumpResign #Resistance #AUnitedAmerica #WHINYLITTLEBITCH You have failed the Oath!! The Presidency is tarnished! #Traitor

The biggest threat 2 the US besides the tools who run Russia, N. Korea, and China & terrorists is in fact @realDonaldTrump . He is the thread that needs 2 be pulled. How far does 1 have 2 dig before it's big enough for all of us? He's demonstrated his self-worth, not mine.

Thank You #SpeakerPelosi on behalf of the #children, #citizens and world.

Can't tell y'all how long I have been sayin it. But that #WhinyLittleBitch aka @realDonaldTrump needs 2 be apart of something special. #TrumpResign You've failed your oath, & probably never understood it. But now's the time. #DisgracetotheHouseAmericaBuilt & take your trash with!

#FuckTrump and #FuckHisFollowers but how does one describe the #UnitedStatesOfAmerica you a child who doesn't know what is wrong with this way of government?? Our children deserve more than a war and Cyrillic...

#Trump is keeping all #Americans from traveling and. Seeing the actions of true Americans.. He is the enemy. What's next.. Speaking Cyrillic!.. Not in my life!

Dear #Denverbroncos.. Have faith. The #ArizonaCardinals had the same record and made it to the #Superbowl. Although they lost. You have a chance... Hopefully all contenders lose and you can pull it off..

Peanuts with 👻 ghost pepper 🌶 flavoring is f#cking 🔥 HOT... 😈

Here's my view. However it's 29°..

Here's my view. However it's 29°..


I've been up for 3.5 hours and think it's safe to say.. "Good morning America"... L&R's to all!

Yo, at this moment mankind is not the enemy.. A Man is, and Those who follow him are.. Get your shit together.. #theRealAmerica

To all those who feel racism is cool. Pull that shit on me again. I will willingly beat you like a "Indigenous Drum" and because I'm not "WHITE" I'll be considered a threat. But realize with out real be Speaking a different language!

Can someone help me. I need help searching for a ring. Tungsten, black, size 13. Lost between Sky Harbour(phx) to BWI airport. Somebody please help! If found plz LMK.

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