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A #screenwriter #poet #author and #blogger. An Army soldier, retired after 21 years of service. A proud father originally from Baltimore, Maryland. #writing

Texas, USA
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Quoted @greggrustyreel

What he said was if Congress wanted to protect America he would not have to do it this way.

No. That’s not what he said. Wasn’t asking what anyone “thought” he said.

Quoted @afolagbenga

But honestly women can u leave a 1 year old with your husband alone at home? As in u carry pregnancy for 9 months go through painful delivery then u will expect a man to baby sit a one year old ha I fear women of nowadays O .not b/c I won't do it but I know I don't have the skill

As a father, you don’t “babysit” your own kids. You do your part to raise them, which includes taking care of them when their mother needs time for herself. I despise when people talk about fathers “watching” their own children while Mom is out. It is complete nonsense.

NEVER apologize or feel guilty to receive opportunities others do not. As you work hard to achieve your goals or do what God has blessed you to do, doors WILL open. You're not less of a person because you go through them. #TuesdayThoughts

Dear Folks In Favor Of The Wall, Why not continue with "Thoughts and Prayers"? After all, they're good enough to use in hoping to protect our children from being murdered in schools.


I uploaded a new episode, "Episode 20 - People’s Court - An 11-Year-Old Arrested For Not Standing For The Pledge of Allegiance?", on #spreaker #allegiance #arrested #florida #pledge #student

Be honest with yourselves. You weren’t believing the #LGBTQ community was being attacked even BEFORE Jussie Smollett came along.

Okay, every living president, please step forward so we can honor you today. No, no, @realDonaldTrump. I said PRESIDENT. #PresidentsDay

Dear #WritingCommunity, What is one food your current main character would absolutely NOT eat?

Let’s be clear. It is NOT against the law to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Your feelings being hurt don’t make it illegal. Hating the fact that POC do this doesn’t make it illegal. Republicans claiming this means you “hate America” doesn’t make it illegal.

Stop saying that the student was “not arrested for not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance.” We’re aware. The teacher harassed the student for not doing so. The teacher should have kept her mouth shut and allowed the child exercise his First Amendment rights.

Just because you are okay with forced patriotism doesn’t make it acceptable. Or legal.

You cut out the part of the story where the teacher forced him to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, along with suggesting he “leave the country” if he doesn’t like it here. Post the entire story next time.

Quoted @joanneintexas

So the teacher was WRONG. The kid didn’t leave the classroom after he was asked to do so by a police officer. FACT.

The kid should not have been asked to leave the classroom as a result of not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. FACT.

An 11-year-old student now has a police record and why? Selling drugs? Committing murder? Rape? No. Not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. This is BULLSHIT. Forced “patriotism” is NOT what this country is about. That is not up for debate.


Donald calls Rosenstein a “traitor” because Donald think’s he’s a COUNTRY. He’s not. He’s a guy temporarily holding a gig he cheated to get. But since he is used to having sycophantic loyalists around him, anyone who isn’t loyal to HIM alone, is viewed as committing a crime.


Quoted @JesseSpeirs

Unbelievable time with the great @POTUS and @RogerWilliamsTX you for your time and your leadership

Unbelievable time with the great @POTUS and @RogerWilliamsTX you for your time and your leadership

Texas and the military community at Ft. Hood who serve this country in uniform every day deserve so much more than a Congressman only interested in buying access to Donald Trump, whose “National Emergency” will strip billlions of dollars from base housing construction.

Quoted @bardowlwriting

#WritingCommunity, what are some of the most interesting things you’ve researched for a novel? If you’re willing to share 😉😎

I did some research on the BDSM community and lifestyle. #WritersCommunity #WritersLife

Quoted @joannemulatz

Trouble with haters is they complain if he's in Washington Day after day , your not happy if he takes a few days off , you haters are just not happy people you must have loved Obama he was always on holidays …

Begins talking about “haters” of Donald Trump only to do the same “hating” on Obama. You all are too easy.

Trump is able to have more fun during a National Emergency than I am when I’m actually on vacation. #NotesFromNationalEmergency

Many of you claiming to know this would be a #JussieSmollettHoax did not have any real evidence. It was simply because he was not a Republican and didn't kiss Trump's ass as many of you do.

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