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EPISODE #11 “The Coldest Takes w/ @OldTakesExposed out NOW In this episode we bring in Fred Segal to discuss the Lakers dysfunction, college football playoff expansion, Duke’s “dominance”, and a cold takes quiz for the king himself.

Quoted @FirstTake

.@maxkellerman doesn’t want to hear LeBron is better than MJ in his prime.

.@maxkellerman doesn’t want to hear LeBron is better than MJ in his prime.

Classic Kellerman take. We are comparing the SUPERSONICS AND UTAH JAZZ to the WARRIORS. You know, the team with 3 of the greatest shooters of all time on their team

Dell Demps died so the Pelicans could live. At the end of the day when the Pelicans get Tatum/Smart or Knox/DSJ and a top 3 pick from the Knicks, this will all be worth it

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The media has made this Foles situation way bigger than it has to be. The answer is that Foles is the starter for this franchise. Jeffery catches that ball, and you don't know how far they could've gone in the playoffs. Trade Wentz.

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Quoted @RealSkipBayless

Zach Collins showed me something tonight. So did the Blazers. They wouldn't back down, trash-talking or scoring. Now they add Kanter. Interesting.

Added Kanter? What’s that supposed to mean?

Too soon? @darrenrovell?

Also, excited to have @seanjwagner next Tuesday. Will be DEBATING his takes about the NFL season, as well as discussing the riveting offseason moves that will take place very soon. #persourcesshow

Tomorrow night’s lineup with @OldTakesExposed: - Where do the Lakers stand? - Will LeBron ever reach another Finals? - Too early NCAAF predictions - Is Duke the clear front runner? - Is the NBA officially ruined by the Warriors? Should be good. See you tomorrow.

Replying to @JayGlazer

Jay, this is an incredibly tough scene.


Quoted @JayGlazer

For all you fucksticks who spewed shit at me, my kid, my mom, my mom’s kid, my kid’s mom, my head size, body size, intelligence, my mom’s intelligence all because I made a prediction about your team today save your ridiculous fuckin insults for shit that matters in life.

This man is PISSED! #hacked

Joe Flacco to the @Broncos is interesting. He should definitely be the starter over Keenum who was beyond dysfunctional to there offense this year. Flacco can boost there passing game opening up their offense with his stellar play action.

President of the Redskins withdrawing any work on a new stadium. The biggest dumpster fire team in the league is just getting worse. #Redskins

Luke Walton being fired is almost inevitable now. Don’t see how he can last for much longer

Quoted @FirstTake

.@maxkellerman doesn’t believe LeBron will allow the Lakers to miss the playoffs.

.@maxkellerman doesn’t believe LeBron will allow the Lakers to miss the playoffs.

Kellerman with an actually good take for once. Shocking

First take needs @stephenasmith back ASAP. That man is the GOAT!!

Do not buy into the media hype that the Lakers will miss the playoffs. We are talking about LeBron james. Clippers/Kings making it over him? No chance.

Joe Flacco to the Broncos? Seems like a desperate move. Elway is definitely feeling the pressure..

Daily reminder that Michael Jordan was going to get suspended by the NBA for a year for his Atlantic City gambling debts so they masked it as his transition into baseball. #NeverForget

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