Rachel Pendleton

Rachel Pendleton


Lexington, KY
Joined on July 23, 2009


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Oh! Just saw her post! 😊

So, you want to live abroad? Check what one of our EAPAs has to say.

If garage sale-ing were a sport, @lizGpendleton would be a professional athelete. #comebuymyshi

Yes CATS! Whew! :57 seconds left!

If you want to keep being ineffective at reaching unchurched people, keep judging them!!

My heart is seriously still pumping hard!!! GO CATS!!! Final Four, here we come!!! #BBN #CATS


School and work may be closed, but my sweatpants and DVR are working overtime this week. #Snowmageddon

My Twitter account got hacked. I apologize for any ridiculous link crap you may have received under my name. Please disregard. 😠

Slim Down for The New Year!

Slim Down for The New Year! http://xmasgarcinia.appspot.com 


Realizing I need to start writing down the lane I parked in at 7 am at commonwealth stadium so I can find the car again at 5pm! #gettingold

So honored to get to hear @bradvg speak his last words at SI. You leave a legacy of courage and strength in following Jesus. #Grateful

Headed home to relax, have some dinner and curl up with...the latest episodes of The Voice. #myguiltypleasure

Yes! @calliependleton ! Thank you 94.5 from all of us early Christmas music fans! Mexican Hot Chocolate is on the stove!

97 days until Christmas. Know what that means? Only 44 days until I can start listening to Christmas music. #JustHearThoseSleighBells

Just got a call from the Govt. saying they were giving me a bunch of money that I don't have to pay back! Just because I'm me. Imagine that!

My girl's a Verge Leader! #verge2014 #lex http://instagram.com/p/plX7oXKJnk/ 

Myrtle Beach! Here they come! #verge2014 #lex http://instagram.com/p/plYF5jqJnr/ 

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! From our "long -haired hippie days" to now you are still the man… http://instagram.com/p/oyR8VYKJrM/ 

Have I reached the pinnacle of healthy eating when I look past the chocolate bunny and say "Yum, broccoli sounds good!" or am I just crazy?

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