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#science ScienceNews: This is the first study to link teachers’ mind-sets to students’ academic performance.

#science ScienceNews: Soon, scientists could be recording a gravitational wave detection every day.

#science ScienceNews: Because seas are expected to continue rising in coming decades, such tidal flood losses are likely to increase.

#science ScienceNews: Ancient Mongolians’ DNA revealed that they weren’t able to digest lactose as adults — but they drank milk anyway.

#science ScienceNews: “There’s something about robots that sets them apart from a computer.” #longreads

#science ScienceNews: Despite the fact that thunderstorms regularly rage over our heads, “we really don’t have a good handle on what’s going on inside them.”

#science ScienceNews: Chances are good that in the coming years, scientists will gain the ability to tap into the brain and influence it in precise ways. #longreads

#science ScienceNews: "The Second Kind of Impossible" shows the benefit of a slow and steady approach to science, where determination and luck are just as important as insight.

#science ScienceNews: Georgia O’Keeffe herself noticed these bumps, which were dismissed as grains of sand lodged in oil paint. Now scientists have identified the true culprit.

#science ScienceNews: “I just want to jump.”

#science ScienceNews: Scientists are still trying to explain how a body of water could remain liquid in such a cold environment.

#science ScienceNews: These varied pollen patterns can all be explained by one simple trick of physics.

#science ScienceNews: It’s small. It’s fast. It’s tiny. It’s an ancestor of T. rex.

#science BBCScienceNews: Virgin's Unity plane rockets skyward

#science ScienceNews: “This is the first time in history that we have observed a jet which is not pointing toward the Earth.”

#science ScienceNews: Cells pulling double duty may help animals overlay food locations onto their mental maps.

#science BBCScienceNews: Flu vaccine 'working better for children'

#science ScienceNews: Ardi’s kind took steps toward humanlike walking.

#science ScienceNews: It’s just 34 kilometers across.

#science ScienceNews: Home decor like furniture and flooring may not be the notorious polluters that gas-guzzlers are, but these indoor consumer products can also be significant sources of potentially dangerous chemicals.

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