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I'd love to see an actual explanation of how extra money you say private companies make in a rebranded NAFTA will be funneled into a federal government construction project. What's the math there? Bueller?



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    More than $1 billion was appropriated for border security and projects, including physical barriers, a year ago. None of it has been spent. So ... what's the hold-up?

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    Let's just say you get a check tomorrow. The wall fully funded - even though you say it is, already, through the almost-the-same-as-NAFTA-but-not-NAFTA deal that hasn't actually been put into place. Now ... what about the thousands of people who own land where you want to build?

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    I'm not sure when Republicans became OK with taking land away from our citizens. But we're going to be splitting ranches in half, ruining property and property value, and likely erasing thousands upon thousands of acres of land from our country. That's OK?

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    How can ranches be split in half unless half are in Mexico? Would like to understand how an American Rancher can own land in Mexico?

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    The wall isnโ€™t being built in Mexico. It would be on American soil, and it would be built with a buffer of land between it and the literal Mexican border. Depending on the location, could be a half-mile inside US territory.

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    Why would it be built 1/2 mile from the border! Does not make sense. El Paso,the barriers are on the border or a 100s of yds from the border?

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    Much depends on terrain ... there are mountains, deserts, canyons, wetlands, rivers ... then you have to determine if the bedrock depth and soil chemistry is suitable ... the study involved to build a wall that long would potentially take a decade or more Iโ€™d guess.

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    Thereโ€™s also a requirement that any fencing or wall has to be set back from the Rio Grande - which makes up much of the border in Texas. The fencing up now cuts across ranchersโ€™ land, though has gaps that allow them to get back and forth.

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    Why do you insist on giving our country away?

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    Trump is praised as a brilliant builder and businessman. Yet there's been NO plan presented detailing what the nearly $6B would do. Nothing. What businessman would agree to a proposal costing any amount that didn't have a plan behind it?

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    I think you should just stay at your little radio station out there in Montana a long ways from the border the cartels dealing with your people in your cities stop worrying about anything go jump out of a plane and don't pull the cord please