Let's settle this once and for all. (It’s everyone vs. everyone, and it’s going to get ugly.)

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Ok. Who wins? 4 Emancipated #felons armed with flint lock muskets or 6 Parrotheads armed with coffee mugs?

Who's got the better chance? 25 #Miami #Dolphins fans or 10 gun nuts in a single elimination tournament of Goldeneye 007 for N64 with slappers only?

Who would win in a spelling bee? 100 clones of LeBron James or 9 clones of Jared Kushner?

Who would win in a game of Trivial Pursuit? 12 soccer hooligans or 25 tech gentry. One catch: everyone has to hop on one leg.

Who would win in a relay sack race? 25 clones of Ryan Reynolds or 3 #WASPs?

Who's gonna be left standing? 21 #lacrosse bros with antique golf clubs vs. 10 #Parrotheads with handfulls of sand?

Here's the matchup: 4 #Vice readers with frying pans or 10 prom queens with rusty pipes?

Who's got the better chance? 99 fairweather NYT readers armed with battle axes or 51 Blue Bicoastal Millennials armed with socks full of pennies?

Here's the matchup: 9 sinister #bankers with reciprocating saws vs. 101 unapologetic smokers with sledgehammers?

1001 #Washington #Redskins fans vs 10 Republicans in a tag team debate? Who you got?

Who's your pick? 2 #Parrotheads armed with tire irons or 100 Republicans armed with fireplace pokers?

Who would win in a spelling bee? 15 #Sublime fans or 4 Silicon Valley millionaires. One twist: no one can use their hands.

Who would win in a city-wide scavegner hunt? 15 clones of Nate Sliver or 9 clones of Xi Jinping?

Who would win in a spelling bee? 12 clones of @neymarjr or 10 NASA scientists?

Who would win in a all-out streetfight? 14 clones of Glen Beck or 4 clones of Robert E.Lee?

Who would win in a collective game of Backgammon? 2 broke millennials or 1001 tech-savvy Mennonites. One catch: everyone has been dosed with 250mg of ketamine.

Who's got the better chance? 14 sexting #teens with tire irons or 4 Alt #Centrists with electric hedge trimmers?

Who would win in a scrap? 2 clones of Harvey Levin or 2 clones of Constance Wu?

Who would win in a death match? 4 Mongol bikers or 2 clones of @danieltosh?

Ok. Who wins? 21 Hatian-Americans or 10 evolutionary biologists in a collective game of Chess?

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