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Have I mentioned lately just HOW MUCH I support the work that President Donald J Trump is doing? Hint: 100%! #MAGA!


Who wants to bet that @RobinRoberts won’t interview @JussieSmollett NOW?

Quoted @RealSaavedra

CNN’s Don Lemon panics over Jussie Smollett's felony charge: “Sean Hannity is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. Tucker Carlson is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. The President of the United States is going to eat his lunch”

CNN’s Don Lemon panics over Jussie Smollett's felony charge: “Sean Hannity is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. Tucker Carlson is going to eat Jussie Smollett’s lunch every single second. The President of the United States is going to eat his lunch”

Don Lemon doesn’t want to eat Jussie’s LUNCH

Quoted @Bamafanaticfan1

Chicago police blast Jussie Smollett 'phony attack': 'Bogus police reports cause real harm' … Police Chief SCORCHED Smollett All Over Wanting More Pay Promoting Hate Nationwide Called It A Publicity Stunt ⁦@realDonaldTrump

And by causing “real harm” another element of a “Hate Crime” is evident...

Quoted @seanmdav

We can add “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Hillary” to the list of lies corrupt emo giraffe James Comey has peddled over the last two-and-a-half years. …

It was obvious even at the time when Comey said it that he was lying. Cripes, in his press conference he laid out every element of the crime that would be necessary to convict, then used INTENT as an escape clause, even though intent isn’t necessary for a conviction

Quoted @5ilence_d0g00d

Of course you do. When one of you gets CAUGHT in your hoax you don’t want them paying. What if he wasn’t caught? Whose fault would the race riots across the country be as he became to new Rodney King?! He pays so you all STOP. Same with Covington kids lawsuit. #justice #StopLying

I believe that is the exact optic Smollett wanted: Him being beaten by MAGAs He just screwed up because the camera was facing in the wrong direction

Quoted @lys_montague1

.⁦@SurvivorFan2016⁩ Knew it’s be street clothes Jussie Smollett is under arrest, in custody of Chicago police …

You were right! I guess he stayed in street clothes because he hasn’t been officially booked into jail. Did you know the Cook County Jail has a wardrobe dept that “Dresses” prisoners for court so they don’t have to appear in jail uniforms, which make them look like criminals?

Quoted @IlhanMN

After traveling to Honduras as part of the Witness for Peace delegation, I've returned home with a heavy heart and deep concern for the electoral process and human rights crisis the people of Honduras are enduring.

And yet, she has no concern for US Citizens. Why don’t you resign from Congress and self-deport, @IlhanMN

Quoted @dbongino

If what Andrew McCabe did doesn’t scare the hell out of you then you’re not paying attention. And the media’s role in the downplaying of McCabe’s grotesque behavior should scare you even more. We’re in a lot of trouble.

After his friend (Comey) was fired, McCabe abused his power to retaliate w/baseless accusations and investigations The mere fact that the Leftist media refuses to acknowledge that simple fact indicates how far this country has progressed down the sewer pipes #EventHorizon

Quoted @petluvers4Trump

Re: Jussie Smollett Members of the left say we on the right are giddy and celebrating recent developments. Wrong. I for one am pissed. That a person could orchestrate an event to make Trump supporters and a red hat appear racist to give the left and #FakeNews media more ammo?1/2

I don’t know if “giddy” describes it but, yes, I am very happy that he is being pursued criminally. From the beginning his story was suspect, at best, and every new fact pointed to a hoax.

Quoted @Neoavatara

Actually... ...the fact the Post is willing to make this argument for a woman who joined ISIS...but not similar actions by men...means they are sexist, right? I mean, if you are going to play that game, you have to play it both ways. …

If she didn’t “Provide Aid and comfort to an enemy” then I don’t know what “Aid and Comfort” is. Give her to the YPJ Let the Peshmerga try her in one of their courtrooms

Quoted @MikeSalvi59

The statute delineates specific crimes that are part of a hate crime. Falsely accusations not one . You wisely cited the statute. But clearly, Jussies crime not a hate crime in Il. …

I believe he committed the crime of intimidation, though a prosecutor would be hard pressed to get a conviction. His activist appearances might provide evidence that he intended to intimidate supporters of President Trump …

Quoted @MikeSalvi59

Yes, Jerry, the statute requires a specific underlying crime against an individual or, as you astutely point out, a group. No such underlying crime against a person or group in Jussie's situation. …

He falsely accused white hetero male MAGA supporters of a crime. THAT was his crime.

Quoted @MikeSalvi59

Interesting. Was there a crime against a MAGA person (or persons)? Isnt that necessary? …

There are legal hairs to split Do his words and/or actions meet the threshold for defamation? Can owners or wearers of MAGA attire plausibly claim they suffered real damages, or fear of reprisals because of his allegations? What was in the phony hate-mail?

Quoted @jrbloom57

So Jussie is under arrest for felony disorderly conduct. The lowest of the felonies, It does carry a sentence of 1-3 but let's face it he won't see a day. It won't be looked as a hate crime and for victims of such it's an insult. He found out the hard way the camera never lies

That’s the STATE charge. He may also face federal charges for mailing a phony threat that contained a fake “toxic substance” …

Quoted @RolandUsda

There is much more to this story than anyone thinks...

There is much more to this story than anyone thinks...

He told Robin Roberts on GMA that he is pushing back against “45” VERY aggressively

Quoted @Deplorable_Dem

Well, #JussieSmollett You didn’t think through this one. 🙄 #MSM you are getting sloppier and sloppier. No one believes you anymore. Jussie Smollett taken into custody by Chicago police over allegedly lying about attack - ABC News …

Maybe Justin Smollett was trying to get a role on “Orange is the New Black”

Quoted @BruceWolfChi

.@AmyJacobson and I will discuss the Roger Stone-like raid on Jussie's abode. @AM560TheAnswer …

What raid? He turned himself in

Quoted @MikeSalvi59

A hate crime by definition requires the commission of an underlying crime against a specific person or property because of race, color or creed. For example, battery, murder, arson. Here, that didn't happen. I don't think this CAN legally constitute a hate crime. …

I disagree. The statute includes “groups” (MAGA Country) and “intimidation” as one of the crimes. Justin Smollett intentionally lied to make it appear his attackers were white, which could also indicate racial motivation …


Quoted @WayneDupreeShow

Empire TV actor Jussie Smollett has been arrested. How many of you seeing this end up with some type of mental disturbance defense angle? 

It’s difficult to say at this point what defense his lawyers will employ. Right now their public statements simply say he’s innocent, instead of claiming he’s crazy

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