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This man can't get enough of his own voice. Someone please pull the plug on his microphone. He is just a big baby. A spoiled rotten little brat who never grew up. Ann Coulter knows know he is a Con Man.

The president has made so many racist comments and the Republican party also and the vice President defends his comments. What a bunch of lying people

It is kinda funny that this president has the kuhoonies to criticize a member of Congress for a bad comment about the Jewish community who apologized for it. But he has done the same thing and worse access Hollywood tape, is own Jewish negative comments other

Today is the one year anniversary of the worst school shooting in US history. At parkland school in Florida. Will the NRA celebrate? What will they do? There is no problem with gun violence in this country though right? I know all the 2nd amendment people will be on my case

Thank you Lord for bringing Jamie Closs home safely. She has been missing for 3 months after her parents were murdered and someone is arrested for kidnapping her. It is live on CNN now. Miracles do happen.

Why would anyone vote for such incompetence? This what happens when you don't keep a president in check by the Constitution.

Was it not just last year this president bombed Syria not once but twice because Assad gassed his own people? What do you think pulling out of Syria will do to prevent it from happening again? Especially when Erdagan wants to go after the Kurdish people?

Even GWB admitted to it 29 yrs ago with the " monkey business" boat to embarrass the stronger opponents.

This shows exactly that the Republican lead hearings was a farce. They never followed up on anything that looked suspicious. I just believed all of the president's people told them. This a bad mark on Paul Ryan. We should know this cuz the Republican party has done this for yrs

I wonder what Sean Hannity now thinks of Michael Cohen! I believe Mr Cohen helped Sean buy alot of his properties? According to alot of reporting. After Sean Hannity ripped the Obama administration over housing issues. So Cohen may have dirt on Mr hannity? IMHO

APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE: My friend is dying of cancer. He can't drive a car, take a shower, and hardly can walk. He said to 'Live everyday." there will come a time when you can't do the simple things we take for granted. He asked me to pass his message along.


We need to come together and defend this country when the Saudis kill and cut up an American journalist cuz they don't like what he said we should not praise them. Because of money. Money can't buy you happiness. Murder is wrong even if it is the , Crown Prince of SA

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on Twitter and yes that includes you Mr President. Especially to all the troops home and abroad. This the best country in the world to live in. I don't know when the president says MAGA, can someone please tell me when this country was not great!

He can't handle a disagreement with anyone if he can't have anything to say he doesn't want to talk to them the real uncouth person and is so immature?

He just said that he can't release his tax returns cuz he is under audit. Really who believes that crap. Warren Buffet released his while under audit. And challenged him to give each other their tax returns. He is just a Con Man. How can anyone believe this man

If I am a sinner like the conservative always do to me. I am only speaking my 1st amendment rights. I love this country.

How sad is this great country that 2 Republican members of the House of Representatives is going to be in trial and maybe before the new term? The Republicans would rather vote for a criminal than be honest with the American people. Don even think about asking me


Put 15k troops on the border! There is not that many in Afghanistan a war we have been in for 17 yrs. Look at all cabinet officials taking tax payers money they are not entitled to. This administration has raised the national debt by nearly 2 trillion in less than 2 yrs

That the workers wages went up by 3.7%. and he doesn't want to talk about it? Why? Does he really care about the workers in this country? Know is ending message is of anger and hatred and fear. About a caravan that if it comes it would be at X-mas. If then and he wants to

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