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Award-winning investigative journo @TheRealCurve @HuffPost @damemagazine former @baltimoresun @PhillyDailyNews Writes books. Socialist. #cancer ♿️ #resist #GND

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#Courage is a value. We should all adopt it. Why? Bc being #brave gets stuff done. Being brave inspires others to get stuff done. #justice

Enjoy your weekend, friends. 
Try to get off social media.
Go out into the natural world (rain or snow notwithstanding).
Take time to be alone with your thoughts with no outside noise.
Be kind to yourselves and others.
Be grateful.
Just breathe.🌿

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Try to get off social media. Go out into the natural world (rain or snow notwithstanding). Take time to be alone with your thoughts with no outside noise. Be kind to yourselves and others. Be grateful. Breathe. Just breathe.🌿


These details of #RKelly's arrest are stunning. You have to wonder why his attorney would make a joke at his arraignment. And why he owes $100k in child support. #SurvivingRKelly

Remember that Harris is live from #Iowa on @CNN at 8am EST Sunday. Feinstein says she supports Joe Biden for 2020, and notes that Sen. Kamala Harris is ‘brand-new here’


I hope everyone realizes that the Democrats are going to fight each other and say bad things about each other and it's going to be 2016 times 20.. It's going to get ugly. If you are treating each other this horribly in month 1, where will you be a year from now? Think about it.


I need a break from this--I came back too soon after the biopsy. When you're coping with #cancer, folks calling you "garbage" for doing your job feels more painful than perhaps it should. FYI--humans aren't garbage or trash (or illegal). The primary has just begun, too.


Pace yourselves. Fight for your candidates and your issues with fairness on policy. Try not to let the climate we are in make you vicious & mean-spirited. That is the one thing that can break us as a nation--failure to see each other as humans. We can win if we work together.💙


The 2020 election is going to be more harrowing than 2016. We have Trump and his corrupt team. We have rampant disinformation. We have #VoterSuppression. We have 20 Dem candidates and a lot of passion. We have a misogynist and white-male-centric MSM. We have 2016 resentments.

But my job is not to protect your favorite member of Congress (or even mine). My job is to hold people accountable. You didn't like it when I did that with Obama, Hillary or Sanders, but you loved it with Trump. But everyone has to be accountable to us--to #WeThePeople.

People think they can treat journalists like something stuck to their shoe & I understand that you often don't see us as people but as impediments. But really--I am not the enemy here. I want a better world for all of us and have done journalism to that end for more than 30yrs

If you are enraged about the ##GND and think that's the end of the discourse, you have to rethink: one in five kids has asthma. Lung cancer is on the rise. Environmental racism is rampant. It's not just us--it's our kids. Don't get caught up in the wrong argument.

It would be super if people remembered that in 2009 Obama put forward a $90B stimulus package with a huge outlay for #GND action. In 2016 Hillary Clinton proposed a green package for WV because coal is dead. Sanders and Trump both campaigned against that. She lost both times.


Quoted @neeratanden

So many people were terrible last night in a twitter flash mob. People I admire. Very depressing. It makes me think a lot about @KirstenPowers tweet thread this week. Which I will write about more later.

It's been miserable and painful and it doesn't bode well for the coming year. I honestly don't know how we hold together on the left if there are going to be these outbursts of viciousness and internal fighting. Accountability is always going to matter for us more than the GOP.

Quoted @jimpiasecki93

i expect garbage from them but it is the @brianefallon and @VABVOX that were disgusting and embarrassing as they attacked DiFi while never even calling out a left wing group used O'keefe style tactics against a Dem Senator. It was sickening and my unfollow button got a work out.

I never"attacked"Feinstein, @jimpiasecki93. That is a false claim easily debunked by reading my TL. Holding our elected officials accountable--be it Feinstein or Sanders--is the job of journalism. Which I have done for 30yrs. That does not make me "garbage," nor "disgusting."

I try always to be civil, transparent and generous on here. I don't curse or name-call. I enage with readers & listen to people who tell me their stories. I try to reflect all that in my journalism. I operate in good faith. All I ask is the same: fairness. It's not a lot. 🌿


Quoted @FixSheltersNow

Newsflash: we can disagree with you and with one another and not be disrespectful, misogynistic, uneducated, “blind,” etc... most of us follow(ed) you until your refusal to accept that many (majority?) disagree with you on this.

This is a bad faith response. People reading this will presume based on @FixSheltersNow's tweet that I called people disrespectful, undeducated & blind (!!!)--words I never used. I only call people misogynist when they are. And how does one"refuse to accept"others' disagreement?

Quoted @GordsUK

I have unfollowed her - what a let down

So @GordsUK is one of a few people so upset that I didn't fall in lockstep on Feinstein that he wanted @HoarseWisperer to know I let him down and that ALL the work I have ever done & ALL the activism is meaningless now. Isn't this EXACTLY what y'all claim the Sanders set does?

Obviously these are not the only two candidates. I just feel there is an MSM disconnect here that as a journalist myself, I find it a maddening double standard.

If Klobuchar is micromanaging isn't Sanders way too lax? And which do you want as the leader of the country? Someone who says they were too busy to notice or someone watching every nuance? Bernie Sanders says he didn't know about $30k settlement

Serious question: Why have we read a bazillion stories about #AmyKlobuchar eating salad with a comb but none about that $30k payout to a #BernieSanders staffer who was a victim of sexual misconduct (not by Sanders--I want to make that clear). Where did the $30k come from?

Quoted @ThePlumLineGS

1) I watched the whole Dianne Feinstein video, and I have to say, I'm baffled by the outrage. I say this episode was a good thing. Yes, she was at times cantankerous and a bit dismissive of the legitimate political aspirations of these children and their parents. *THREAD*

This is a superb, thoughtful and totally calm thread from @ThePlumLineGS, who is often one of the best voices on Trump et al. I hope you'll read it as it says all I want to say but sans emotional rhetoric or rebukes. Greg also ignores the background noise. It's a smart take. 📌📌

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