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When I was little I thought Ardala was a total bitch but I really like her now! #metvbuckrogers

The boys will be happy more Wilma next season but if I remember correctly the outfits aren’t as funky #metvbuckrogers




I love when they are outside! #MeTVBuckRogers

Hey love love! Tell me You don’t wear fur! Right???@PossumAloysius

I’m not personally surprised all the ladies love Buck but did you ever consider that guys just might suck in the future? #MeTVBuckRogers

Was that a Buck Rogers Lunch Box???#MeTVBuckRogers

Who’s a good boy? @nbcsnl @realDonaldTrump

Yoko Ono
25 days ago

Luckily, tears evaporate.


Get all the Nobody puts Wilma in the corner jokes out of the way! #MeTVBuckRogers

I’ve had this song in my head for 30 years! #MeTVBuckRogers

It’s too sad! Maybe someone else could put her face on too! #metvbuckrogers

Wait did I miss how they knew what his lost love looked like??? #MeTVBuckRogers

They just called for Captain Christopher Pike #MeTVBuckRogers

Between #DirtyJohn & #SurvivingRKelly I think women have to really watch out for men who treat you like crap but tell you they love you. We need to take over already #WomensWave

How can we help get those girls away from him? Why aren’t the police helping the parents??? #muteRKelly

How do they get away with it? What will it take for people to say enough? #MuteRKelly #TrumpResign #ScientologyTheAftermath #Monsanto #meatindustry

You are so brave! Happy to see you doing well. We believe you! @Jerhonda4Pace

Why isn’t he in jail right NOW??? #MuteRKelly …

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