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#Millennials can also have ruptured ovarian cysts and even #ovariancancer. Stay tuned in the coming months for an @YMyHealth article dedicated to a topic rarely talked about in women's health. https://abcn.ws/2DE4UOi 

#Millennials: Are you thinking about doing some organizing or reorganizing over this holiday weekend? The benefits may go beyond a cleaner place.

#Millennials: Are you still standing on the starting line for 2019 when it comes to making resolutions about your health? Learn more about the key aspects of what makes #chiropractic care unique and how it can improve your health this year.

#Millennials: Did you make any New Year's #resolutions? Here's an interesting article on how to make them a reality. http://goo.gl/LB2R5B  #resolutions2019

What do you know about your thyroid gland? January is #Thyroid #Awareness Month. Check out our animation on YouTube to learn more about this powerful gland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JU-PGu-TGY&t=1s …

@YMyHealth is excited for the year ahead. What area of your #health would you like to learn more about in 2019?

Another sign that putting in the time to exercise does make a difference. https://nyti.ms/2SY4Dud  #Millennials

#Millennials: Do you ever feel lonely? It can happen even when you're surrounded by people. What we may have thought was something that people deal with later in life can affect us #millennials too.

#Millennials: Do you have a holiday party coming up? Between invites from the office, friends, and family, it can be a lot of food. Here's some helpful advice for keeping it healthy this holiday season.

Are you already in holiday mode trying to get through your very long to-do list? Is your energy zapped from all that running around? Read about a #millennial who increased her daily energy level by getting #chiropractic care:

#Millennials: Have you ever thought about going to see a #chiropractor? Are you on the fence? Check out the story of a fellow #millennial who tried #chiropractic care and how thankful she is this Thanksgiving that she did:

For #Millennial parents-to-be or those planning a family: 2 seems to be the magic number.

#Millennials: How often do you #exercise ? Not exercising may be even more deadly than smoking, #diabetes, #heartdisease, study finds.

#Millennials: What do you believe about the #flu?

#Millennials: Do you live in a city that's been swept up into the #scooter craze? Have you ridden one? May want to thick twice.

#Millennials: When are you planning to get your flu shot? http://goo.gl/Gfrx9n 

Did you know healthy millennials can get thyroid cancer? Check out one millennial's story: https://bit.ly/2jBqwBB  #ThyroidCancerAwarenessMonth

#Millennial parents: Are you ready for flu season?

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