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We The People Not We The Politician

We The People Not We The Politician


When the real problem is dependent that as breed a lazy and lower educated worker with very little skill. To keep them dependent and that keep the gov in control. So what happen to the noncon they can be shamed,reeducated,relocated or worse. Socialism is to dangerous.

Reason 2:The individual as give up on free thought and as become complacent. Because the Individual as the give up on free thought they don't no why there poor the gov blames the nonconformist for this problem.

Socialism fails for 2 main reasons. Reason 1:Is the gov wants to control the individual. So a Socialist gov like a Crack dealer makes the individual dependent and lazy. By giving so called free stuff.

#BuildTheWall We need to stop Socialism.

#GreenNewDeal  A Bad Deal

#GreenNewDeal A Bad Deal


We need to stop Socialism are we will all lose. #StopSocialism

Are Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines.

Are Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines.


We are Capitalist not consumers.

These is for people thinking about going to college and going into debt.Learn to be a welder,mechanic,construction work,software/computer engineer,architect,mechanical engineer,agricultural engineer,scientist or doctor. Learn to do something useful be a builder a not consumers.

There was a time when America building the world. Now we have become lazy and complacent consumers and not builder something we were good at. We made steel here for ship,car,trains,buildings,and bridges. We need to stop being consumers and learn to be builder again.

We as a people need to get back to the day's when this great country was run by Engineers and Scientists. We were builder at one time a people who built the Railroad,Interstate Highway,Golden Gate,Hoover dam,Empire State Building,Panama Canal. and Moon Lander. We can do it again

Read these Authors book they tell the history of Socialism it's Philosophy and it lies. … … …

Books You Need To Read That Will Make You Rethink About Supporting Socialism. … … …

Capitalism will protect everyone because the best protect is are self's and not the state.We seek peace for all.Peace for Black,White,Latin,Asia,Middle Eastern,Gay,Straight,Male,Female,Transgender and All People.We want zero hatred for all. Vigilance That Is The Price Of Liberty

Socialism says it will protect the people using the government.But that is a lie Socialism only protects the government elites. Joseph Goebbels … Capitalism gives all the power and control to the private individual and not to a government bureaucrats.

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