louise haigh

louise haigh



I am a hypo active,hot headed person who likes to protect my friends and have a joke. I HATE lying and LOVE cake, but I'm not fat I promise XDD

Joined on June 14, 2011


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http://www.twitch.tv/azusatakano  I am streaming some art, come and have a chat ♥

Is it seriously legal to be this cold ?! DX

Got my friend round at mine and she is more interested in the cats good host or what ?

Chilling at my friends

Ohh how nice a good night row for sweet dreems

I hate lies and its evean worse when your friends lie to your face about somthing importent

I have just put the cereal box in the flicking fridge

I feel like an apple, why an apple? Cuz am ard innit XD

Hospitals are scary nuff said

At a wedding today yay! :D

Essays in english ... Yay

Realy bored bus stop stinks thanks to kifa

Holby city it seams that the tow boys are quarraling again after there kiss

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