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Life can never be the same again when someone we love is gone. But God’s promises bring hope and comfort.

I need TO BE MOTHERFUCKIN PAMPERED. A bitch needa spa day followed by a shopping spree. But on someone else’s credit card lmaooooo


If I’m wearing revealing clothes and it’s cold out don’t ask me if I’m cold. You’re new to this, baby I’m true to this.


im spoiledddddd , i touch money regardless .. job or no job , imma princess 💅🏽 .

4 months ago

Pray before you do anything...

It Sucks Being The Strong Friend Because No One Ever Asks You If You're OK 😕😕


I'm so tired ion even know how I'm up operating rn😭😩

Quoted @marie_brownsuga

Getting cute after looking bummy for a long time is one of the best feelings. Feels like a bad bitch has been rebirthed

This about to be on my birthday🎂..8 more days

Rats are going to rat, and snakes are going to hiss.

All your niggas ain't loyal👀 Just remember that everybody switch up it's just a matter of time before they switch up on you💯

Let me go back to sleep before I get blew all over again.

I mean I do not see, not one person trying to step up and say how can I help? But be so quick to open up they mouth n speak on situations they don't even know about.

Idc what no one says trying to get your sh*t together isn't always easy especially when you out here trying to get help for your people💯

What is kidnapping? take (someone) away illegally by force, typically to obtain a ransom. synonyms:abduct, carry off, capture, seize, snatch, take hostage "they attempted to kidnap the president's child"

I'm going to social media at this point so tired of folks telling me this or that like just help get justice for this innocent child. I really hate the law

When you go through tough times you see who really be down for you 💯

How can people sleep at night knowing what they did I'm so disgusted with human beings at this point

I mean isn't it kidnapping to transport a child out of his/her city to another one without talking to the child's parents or having their consent, and on top of that they're (strangers) smh #getjustice4jalen

It's crazy that my family and I have to get justice 4 my brother when justice should of been served..what happened to the law ?

Just up thinking...

One thing about that money .. it ain’t gone switch up on you 💰

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