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Pius Paschke and a double Norwegian burger in the first competition in IM today #skijumpingfamily #FISskijumping

Wank turned on the heat today. Should be winning at that level though #skijumpingfamily #FISskijumping

I am not used to Andreas Wank being in the FIS Cup, but he's proving his worth here. Cruising at the top of the list after the first jump

I forgot that there is a small village starting in the FIS Cup. It never ends.........

Nice to have a Serb involved in the scene, Nikola Stevanovic. The more, the merrier!

Iron Mountain #skijumpingfamily

Iron Mountain #skijumpingfamily


The new junior WORLD CHAMP is Thomas Aasen Markeng. Gratulerer! ­čç│­čç┤#skijumpingfamily #FISskijumping

Markeng tar VM-gull!!!

Kazakhstan got one hell of a gem in Tkachenko. His flying style is basically made for larger hills and he is still doing brilliantly in the K-90 #FISskijumping #skijumpingfamily

Our petition to #SaveTheSkiJumps has reached over 11,000 signatures. @WinSportCanada we arenÔÇÖt done yet. Please continue to sign & share! @CSICalgary #LongLiveTheOlympicDream

Can't stop @CPrevc

Can't stop @CPrevc


Nice to see Cene Prevc back with a win in Planica ­čöą #FISskijumping #skijumpingfamily

Podium niedzielnych zawod├│w FIS Cup w Zakopanem.
­č玭čç╣ David Haagen 
­č窭čç« Jaka Hvala 
­č窭čç« Cene Prevc

Podium niedzielnych zawod├│w FIS Cup w Zakopanem. ­č玭čç╣ David Haagen ­č窭čç« Jaka Hvala ­č窭čç« Cene Prevc


Final results of the FIS Cup in Zakopane 1: Moerth ­č玭čç╣ 2: Lienher ­č玭čç╣ 3: Dolezel ­čçĘ­čç┐ 4: Huber ­č玭čç╣ 5: Maylaender ­čçę­čç¬ #FISskijumping #skijumpingfamily

Big boost for Villa - Tammy Abraham has turned down a loan move to Wolves in favour of remaining with Villa for the remainder of the season & trying to win promotion. Sounds like Abraham would be open to a permanent move to the PL, but not another loan. More on @guardian_sport


Kobayashi. The King Ôťł´ŞĆ

Second competition in Klingenthal: 1: Baer ­čçę­čç¬ 2: Mogel ­č窭čç« 3: Lindvik ­čç│­čç┤ #FISskijumping #skijumpingfamily

You can call it a comeback. Tilen Bartol is back with a bang in @vogtlandarenakl

Smashed to pieces by Swansea. Fair play to them, but this is so so so poor by Villa #AVFC

Possibly the most exciting CoC competition thus far in the season, in my humble opinion that is. Full starting list: http://medias4.fis-ski.com/pdf/2019/JP/3220/2019JP3220SLR1.pdf┬áÔÇŽ #skijumpingfamily

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