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a day ago

In the 1930s, thousands of black men fleeing the south found work on a tunnel project in West Virginia. Many would die there in one of the worst industrial disasters in American history.


me, all NFL season: this is a sport I'm not really all that into anymore, so I have no real stake in this foolish sport and all of its toxic elements me, when a team could potentially stop the Patriots from going to the super bowl: nothing in life means more to me than this


Replying to @non_bona_dicta @TheWayWithAnoa

And I don't understand why Shaun's waiting until March 1st to give a detailed accounting of his books and support. The credibility of his business partners and the project they are collaborating on got sucked into this vortex, how can NS survive if people don't trust its CEO?

Shaun also fails to apologize for the way he weaponized his platform and his wife’s blackness to shield from valid critique. He is trying to still make Clarissa at fault. Bruh you just accused the wrong man of murder and had his family getting death threats. Tweets get deleted.

From him praising the FBI previously, to working with police in Houston and not the local community, to harassing and targeting young Black and queer people Shaun has shown how it is only his ego that matters

Quoted @ggreenwald

Beyond BuzzFeed: the 10 worst, most embarrassing U.S. Media failures on the Trump/Russia Story …

Heh. It’s like he’s auditioning for Sputnik.

the Marshawn run. The Alex Smith drives. The Colston lateral in Seattle. The Vikings play last year. Today. Drew Brees has had the most heartbreaking losses of any QB ever. Welp. I'd feel bad if he ain't criticize Kaep kneeling. Say La Vee.


Replying to @arlenparsa

The rest of your thread was alright, but why does his favorite musician matter? There are hardcore racists who like POC & art from POC. Half of Dylann Roof's friends were black; that didn't stop him from slaughtering the congregants at Emmanuel AME.

Replying to @arlenparsa

Let's not forget Logic has or had internalized racism or at least was anti-Black (women) asf when he smeared Black women in his tweets. But let me guess, Logic was younger then so he deserves a big pass too hunh? 🙄

Replying to @arlenparsa

Funny how he gets to protect his privileged identity and simply because he enjoys a biracial rappers music he’s suddenly not racist. If he were a black or brown young man this video would be on a loop on FOX and he’d be called a thug. Kid isn’t a victim. He reaps what he sows.

14 hours ago

Replying to @arlenparsa

Good fucking lord. You’re really reaching here. “His favorite rapper is a biracial guy so he can’t be racist.”

Quoted @arlenparsa

I talked with a person who knows the "main student" in the #CovingtonCatholic video. Turns out, the #magateen's favorite musician was the biracial rapper Logic. Here are some of his lyrics. I think this is a good way to end this thread and give this community space to reflect.

I talked with a person who knows the "main student" in the #CovingtonCatholic video.

Turns out, the #magateen's favorite musician was the biracial rapper Logic.

Here are some of his lyrics. I think this is a good way to end this thread and give this community space to reflect.

White guys think liking a biracial rapper makes him not racist.

This has deeper consequences, bc as we’ve seen w/ narratives advanced by the right, they have trouble recognizing intelligence in people they disagree with. This is what bias looks like: for some ppl, small mistakes mean they’re not “serious,” yet others are forgiven for worse.


If you notice, on the right they’ll flatly call people blanket terms, and even make things up. And I don’t mean trolls - I mean their biggest commentators + TV figures. This is different from criticizing a specific take you disagree with, or pointing out discriminatory patterns.


This stuff infects some Democrats, too. Because in our overall discourse, nonviolent protest somehow gets deemed as not “civil,” yet stripping women’s rights or incarcerating children on the border doesn’t receive the same characterization. What’s up with that?🕵🏽‍♀️


Lastly, we wouldn’t need to talk about bathrooms at all if we acted like adults, washed our hands + minded our own business instead of trying to clock others. Going by track record, I’d feel safer in a bathroom w/ a trans woman than a powerful male executive any day of the week.


2 straight OT title games

Heads up: It's time to lose the “white men rape too” excuse when talking about sexual assault in black communities.

If you’re wearing a MAGA cap, you’re not supporting the President for his tax policy. These are people who defend the President for hiring Nazis and killing Puerto Ricans through negligence. These are the people who called themselves deplorable and shouted “fuck your feelings.”


The upshot of Trump having Giuliani as his lawyer is not really about the law per se. His role is to undermine public confidence in the Mueller probe and stretch the bounds of what the base is willing to accept.

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