The repository for official brand color codes. Created by @galengidman.

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Neat! @huangc10 made a React Native app for iOS and Android using the BrandColors data.

exploring @brandcolors swatches…wikipedia ain't got no time for that

exploring @brandcolors swatches…wikipedia ain't got no time for that


🎉 Big news! The 6th major version of BrandColors is live! Please check it out and share if you find it helpful. 

Cool! … This plugin was featured in Sketch News today and uses data from  by @galengidman

Thanks for featuring BrandColors @CreativeMarket:

Y’all like the new icon @mikebeecham designed for me? I wonder what an icon would be useful for…

The ultimate list of colour palette generators ft. tools by @brandcolors @javierbyte @colorhunters and more!

Absolutely no promises, but a native menu bar app is on the table.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for a new @BrandColors. Probably months of work at the rate I move on side-projects.

Y’all know what this means, right? 

BrandColors provides Sass exports, but @energettico took it a step further: 

One man’s (@chauncey_io) method for using BrandColors in Sass: 

Everybody give @dkhamsing a hand for all the hard work does to help with color curation and research. …

We are on @brandcolorsnet and our official color codes are listed on 

Here are the top-10 searches:  Unsurprisingly, Facebook leads the way.

I’ve also been tracking what terms are being searched for. Since 2/24 there have been 6153 searches.

3rd–5th are Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn with 1043, 720 and 592 copies respectively.

Twitter’s main blue follows closely with 1755 copies, or 9.86% of total copies.

Facebook’s main blue has been copied 1834 times and accounts for 10.31% of total color copies.

Since February 24, there have been 17,791 recorded copies.

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