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Lee Howell - Head of Global Programming at World Economic Forum (@wef) & (@davos) my posts are notes for further reflection

Geneva, Switzerland
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“The physicist learned from the best minds of history, as is evidenced by his voracious appetite for reading and his extensive personal book collection.” Telling that many on this list are books by philosophers #history #philosophy

« Where preposterous titles in the past concentrated on over-defining job roles in excruciating detail, today’s vogue is for exactly the opposite. The more ambiguous, meaningless and mystical, the better. » #badtrend

« Essentially, we see some coincidences around big events and we then make up a story out of them »

« The study says that bees, ants and beetles are disappearing eight times faster than mammals, birds or reptiles. But researchers say that some species, such as houseflies and cockroaches, are likely to boom » #biodiversity #tippingpoint

« It’s not enough just to hover over your kids...The most effective parents, according to the authors, are “authoritative.” They use reasoning to persuade kids to do things that are good for them »

"Anglo-American populism is a mix of wronged superpower vengeance plus buccaneering capitalism" Interesting list of commonalities

Worth a read when you need some perspective

https://www.itsnicethat.com/news/lacoste-icun-collaboration-fashion-010318 … Clever

The average person would have to spend 76 working days reading all of the digital privacy policies they agree to in the span of a year. Reading Amazon’s terms and conditions alone out loud takes approximately nine hours. »

“by cultivating traditional religious virtues such as gratitude and kindness, people can also improve their ability to reach personal goals like financial and educational success” #science #religions

Great job of distilling +500 sessions over four days #wef19 #wef2019 #davos19 #davos2019

« A new great power has emerged, one that was never part of a western-dominated system. In response, many are trying to shift the world into an era of unbridled strategic competition. History suggests this is dangerous. » #WEF19 #Davos2019

« The body’s microbial community may influence the brain and behavior, perhaps even playing a role in dementia, autism and other disorders. » #microbiome

"It’s easy to mock Davos as a convocation of jet-setting zillionaires colluding to torch civilization and make themselves richer. But a closer inspection reveals a different reality" #WEF19 #davos #davos2019

Not everyimportant question has to be a political or economic one in #Davos #WEF19 #WEF

Davos 2019: Global elite urged to stop demonising refugees - live updates

"[S]urvey, conducted in January by polling firm Qualtrics, was taken by more than 10,000 people in 29 countries..." we are all in it together #globalization #WEF19

Change management at its best when you have important, shared goals that allow every stakeholder and partner to contribute in some meaningful way #WEF19 #sustainability

“the social brain pervades every learning process...” Note to all leaders #WEF19 #Davos #lifelonglearning

"Huxley and Orwell both wrote their books to try and prevent their dystopias from coming true. Their success at prophecy is also their failure — because the righter they are, the more their projects didn’t do what they were supposed to..." #dystopia

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