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Quoted @thestoryshack

'Saving Tim Murnane' by Donal Mahoney -- https://buff.ly/2vZ4Oz6  #flashfiction

Old and naughty

⚡️ “Admirers share stories of Lee Radziwill, who died at age 85” Influencer

Quoted @ShortHumourSite

Story of the Day: Individual Concerns by Michael C. Keith: http://www.short-humour.org.uk/4writersshowcase/individual.htm ….

I vote dessert.

#WhoIReallyAmIn4Words Editor's mate X 2

Quoted @thestoryshack

'Tara and the Back Yard Bear' by Brenda Havens -- https://buff.ly/2RwRkjG  #flashfiction


Quoted @thestoryshack

'Black Firebird' by Mark L. Berry -- https://buff.ly/2BUSdOg  #flashfiction


Quoted @thestoryshack

Author spotlight: Sara Summa https://buff.ly/2Vb2EEP  #flashfiction

Tomorrow Never Knows

Quoted @thestoryshack

'The Creatives' by Anne Winchell -- https://buff.ly/2NnmtVy  #flashfiction


'A Cabin With No Fireplace' by Guy J. Jackson -- https://buff.ly/2rweVWx  #flashfiction

Author spotlight: Nicholas Slade https://buff.ly/2JbsHou  #flashfiction

'Feeding the Ducks' by Paul Jenner -- https://buff.ly/2IhftKk  #flashfiction

#ImNoHeroBut Volunteer gigs - Docent at China camp Greeter at Marin Mammal Center Wheelchair jockey Legacy Meridian Hospital Food Bank Park Steward Iron Mtn and Tryon Parks Flower basket wrangler Lake Oswego Bookseller Booktique

Marlene Dietrich by Riham Adly http://literallystories2014.com/2019/02/15/marlene-dietrich-by-riham-adly/ …

Marlene Dietrich by Riham Adly http://literallystories2014.com/2019/02/15/marlene-dietrich-by-riham-adly/ …


Quoted @thestoryshack

'Rex' by Jonathan VanDyke -- https://buff.ly/2ni7yQZ  #flashfiction

Trans and violence

Valentine's Day story in Yellow Mama - Marriage

⚡️ “Josh Gad is very worried about spoilering Frozen 2” Spoilering

Story of the Day: Hottest Job Opportunities by Amit Parmessur: http://www.short-humour.org.uk/writersshowcase/hottestjobopportunities.htm ….

Quoted @thestoryshack

'Clenched Teeth' by Walter Giersbach -- https://buff.ly/2Gn2FRW  #flashfiction

Comedy of errors

Shade Drag

Author spotlight: A.A. Trivedi https://buff.ly/2LKWrL3  #flashfiction

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