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#MayweathervMcgregor  Retweet and I will PM you the LIVE link! 💪🤑

#MayweathervMcgregor Retweet and I will PM you the LIVE link! 💪🤑


Favorite player to watch @Noahsyndergaard can't wait to see you when you come to San Francisco

Worst travel experience I have ever had with #expedia. Don't book through them. #Headache

I love it when a new subway employee makes my sandwich, always gives me way more produce than they normally do. #itsthelittlethings

Sometimes I wonder why I stay up so late. Then I remember : family guy

Within 1 hour of bike ownership : it breaks down

Well that was the longest day ever

Cigarette smoke is the worst

It's been a while twitter.

Who else is having insomnia

Get to Starbucks and THEN you realize you forgot your MacBook at home <

When your girlfriend falls asleep and you are stuck watching White Chicks all alone #foreveraloneevenwhenimwithsomeone

Facial hair sucks

Charlie approves! #abouttime #iphone5s #datwhite 

Pretty amazing picture here. We have 3 Estoril sedans, 1 Alpine coupe, and 1 Avus coupe.. All for… 

"Are you in doing Mission Fire? You know what, coffee is on us today." ☕️ First free drink and I owe… 

I just wanna sleep. WHY

Sorry babe... #womancrushwednesday #alltheselfiesthatshetakes #whatalittlecutie 😘😍❤ 

Flashback to one of the best weeks of my life with one of the best people in my life 😍#clearlake2013… 

Worst feeling ever #gottagetdat6pack #paleo 

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