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Had an awesome time talking about making records with Jon Stinson for the @modernrecordist podcast. Check it out!

Sometimes I can be a bit impulsive... #royer R-122 http://instagram.com/p/s3YxayogUh/ 

Recording guitars for the "Say Yes" EP this Friday at Left Plus Right Music (w/ @GrahamWaks)!

Recording guitars for the "Say Yes" EP this Friday at Left Plus Right Music (w/ @GrahamWaks)!


Just finished fabricating a rack to hold my lunchbox! #api #chandlerlimited #greatriver #adesigns… http://instagram.com/p/nuFIBFogYs/ 

Added a second AKG 414 B-ULS to the mic locker today! Ready to do some tracking at Left Plus Right… http://instagram.com/p/m3spmsogTb/ 

Microphone giveaway!

This guy is 4 years old today! He's getting old... http://instagram.com/p/mN4RneIgW_/ 

Just installed a pair of #chandlerlimited little devil mic pres! #recordingstudio #nashville @ Left… http://instagram.com/p/l-m1F6ogSf/ 

Barley is still adjusting to the warm weather! #australiancattledog http://instagram.com/p/kn77hyIgSj/ 

Studio número dos. Late night writing and recording with @madeleineand @jeffzacharski and @grahamwakshttp://instagram.com/p/kOVpLttvwu/ 

New couch for the control room! Who wants to be the first to sit on it during a session?! @ Left Plus… http://instagram.com/p/jPWK5AogUA/ 

Enjoying a little bike ride with Barley. Gotta love coming back to long beach for the holidays! http://instagram.com/p/hMjFFyogeg/ 

My new office. 1st full week of recording and mixing in the new space is well under way!… http://instagram.com/p/g9OnBuogUS/ 

A dingo and Barley. http://instagram.com/p/g1KFi7Igej/ 

http://www.LeftPlusRightMusic.com  #recordingstudio #mixing #onlinedrumtracking #nashville

Barley is a big fan of our front door! http://instagram.com/p/gbcRFIogV9/ 

About 20% of people have a "neurological glitch" that makes them chronically bad at spelling: They aren't able to "see" the word.


Replying to @JeffBlaney

Hey @JeffBlaney, we were just tracking drums yesterday. I just got done building a new studio, you"ll have to come check it out soon.

Vocal booth or dog house? First day of tracking at the new studio is underway! http://instagram.com/p/fx1I1KIgfC/ 

Patch bay hell week is over and the are working perfectly! So much soldering. http://instagram.com/p/e0wVLmIgdF/ 

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