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Check out our new cool site: https://www.twitur.com/account/heroverse

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How do you guys get paid for this? I don't see any advertising on the site.

Consider FINALITY on @LINEWebtoon a gift from them to you. Free to air. Read it on the free phone app or on desktop. No ads, no fees. Pay me back by watching CASTLEVANIA season 2 on @netflix on October 26.

I've been hearing about "superhero fatigue" for years now. Here are the top 10 grossing films of 2017 thus far.

I've been hearing about "superhero fatigue" for years now. Here are the top 10 grossing films of 2017 thus far.


The Age of Information has lowered the probability of human extinction and eliminated many walled gardens of... http://fb.me/2OR6Zr2ZV 

Mixing it up today. Here's a sneak peek at a non-Heroverse project by HV creator Tom Akel and partner Amer Kokh.... http://fb.me/7oK5pk70x 

Blazer's powers of superspeed and fire control are so powerful that he requires custom heat and heart monitors,... http://fb.me/1T4osk9xs 

As champion of his people, Trilar lives off the coast of Japan where he monitors the outside world for possible... http://fb.me/1Q4UWGzbC 

Have you seen the new Heroverse site? It sees you. It sees all of you. #heroverse #comics #redesign #superheroes http://fb.me/1Dpz1WxR1 

All the better to see you with, my dear. The cover to MACHINE #1 Art by natebaertsch MACHINE written… http://instagram.com/p/x00yU7RARp/ 

Throwback Thursday: Heroverse creator @tomakel1 and @therealstanlee on their 2011 San Diego Comic Con panel. #tbt... http://fb.me/3lgCWSZsZ 

#Structure lives in solitude in the Ural Mountains amongst rumors that he was once human. Art by Björn Hurri... http://fb.me/1L7rnQzsh 

Here's a first-look at a couple of the Heroverse figures in the works! #Heroverse #toys #toystagram… http://instagram.com/p/wXSBBUxAau/ 

While #Essence is an adept telepath, her strongest talent is reading and influencing the emotional… http://instagram.com/p/wHq41JxAfs/ 

"Your reality will bend, slowly, around you, until nothing is left." Art by Ted Wing III #Chapter… http://instagram.com/p/v105SdRAXb/ 

#Shadowmask is really looking forward to #Halloween! Art by Steve Babb Shadowmask created by @tomakel1 #comics... http://fb.me/6PtiTpJb8 

We're launching a new site this month! Keep your eyes peeled! Or don't, cause that sounds painful!

#TBT Heroverse creator Tom Akel and Anywhere artist Alan Quah at the Heroverse booth at the very first New York... http://fb.me/3bdJ94WiR 

'Anywhere' artist Alan Quah did an amazing Spider-man print for GnB's Free Comic Book Day event! http://fb.me/324zFF25X 

If you're at #SDCC stop by Arcana booth #2415 to get Anywhere signed by Tom Akel on Saturday from 10:30-11:30 http://fb.me/O3VEXKft 

This feels particularly relevant today! http://fb.me/1UR5uksAO 

Some of the female Heroverse heroes by the uber talented Matt Tyree! http://fb.me/1zCwYfNlK 

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