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My fave people to read on film right now are @sheilakathleen & @melvillmatic . They're so intuitive, smart and look much deeper than the surface. I think it's important to tell writers you're enjoying their work, because this is often a thankless gig, and I love the both of y'all

One of these days I *will* remember my @Kanopy press library login when I let myself get signed out due to inactivity and when that day comes it is truly over for you hos

Hillbilly Elegy Fight Club ass POS movie, as lyrical as a jeans ad

Donnybrook: what a shit lmao

RIP Bruno Ganz. A superlative actor from his deeply empathetic German New Wave performances all the way through his wonderful turn as a sardonic Virgil figure in THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. One of the finest ever.

Replying to @VicBergerIV

Struggling to get through "The Entertainer"

Struggling to get through "The Entertainer"


Extremely glad that the Oscars’ legendary integrity has been restored.

Howard Schultz’s constituency consists entirely of 200 beltway reporters who all get together and agree that the most powerful ship ever built in history is “bipartisanship” so I can see why he thinks he can hold progressives hostage.

Almost crying with gratitude that we actually will get a Blu of Let the Sunshine In after that utter botch of an initial release.

Quoted @mrkorangy

"Worst day for nyc since 9-11, except this time the terrorists were elected." David Lichtenstein of @LightstoneGroup on #AmazonHQ2

Lmao this is next level

Arrrrgh @lightintheattic’s Bandcamp listing for Kankyō Ongaku only has like half of the full album’s tracks 😩

Acid Mothers Temple repeatedly re-records its old tracks and every time they emerge so mutated. It’s composition as chaos theory, improv with just enough shape to hang together. I wish they got more coverage.

Quoted @libbycwatson

"Half of poor adults who live with children are only poor because of the expenses of raising children" https://www.peoplespolicyproject.org/projects/family-fun-pack/ …

“Why don’t you want kids?!”

This tweet remains the most linguistically important work to be created on this whole website

This tweet remains the most linguistically important work to be created on this whole website


it's such a difficult, delicate achievement to flat out state that the show's one religious figure owes his zealotry to a brain tumor but still actively validate his passionate kindness and position his collapse and death as the last vestige of pure morality

The scene of Smith hobbling into Seth and Sol's shop and speaking to them as shades of the real people he knows as both Sol and, notably, Seth emanate as much kindness as possible to reassure him, then walk him home, is so tender it's agony

The heartbreak of Reverend Smith continues apace. Says a lot that given Deadwood S1 covers both the murder of Wild Bill Hickok and the smallpox outbreak, the season's climactic arc is Smith's decay.

love toooo tell an editor that you're actually covering a film you requested for someone else bc you forgot AND that a screener link you got for something else is dead in the same day

Quoted @alex_shephard

By canceling its deal with New York, Amazon is sending a message to cities around the world: Don’t mess with us https://newrepublic.com/article/153117/amazon-shoots-hostages …

Jeff Bezos was quoted saying “you can’t kick us out, we’re LEAVING”

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