John Smid

John Smid



Author (Ex'd Out, How I Fired the Shame Committee), speaker, reconciler and I affirm one's freedom to choose. Partner to a beloved man.

Paris, TX
Joined on June 13, 2009


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After much thought and encouragement, I've written one of the strongest commentaries I've ever written against sexual orientation change efforts!...

Former 'Ex-Gay' Leader: These Programs Are Harmful and Don’t Work

Truth! …

"Encouraging” LGBTQ+ people by reminding them that Jesus hung out with sinners misses the point widely. Telling them that “we all have our sins but God loves us anyway” or that their “sin is... …

Former ExGay ministry leaders speak out against Conversion Therapy.  #alanchambers,#darlenebogle,#johnsmid,#wendyvanderwallgritter,#jeremymarks,#conversiontherapy,#lgbt,exgay 

One of the best reviews I’ve read for the movie “Boy Erased!” #boyerased …

The 2005 protest, the beginning of a huge change in my life, and the Love In Action/ Refuge program. 2012. CNN Soledad O’Brian interview with myself and Morgan Jon Fox... …

This week's UnErased Blogpost is my story, titled "Smid." …

As you consider the new movie Boy Erased, these podcasts are extremely important! This episode is a significant aspect of the history or conversion therapy....

In 2005, I embarked upon one of the most challenging, and rewarding seasons in my life. This book chronicles...


The new film, Boy Erased will premier Nov. 2 in several locations. Some of my reflections on the film. 

Boy Erased Interviews with Joel Edgerton, Garrard Conley, Aaron Aupperly, and David Joseph Craig, Lucas Hedges, Russell Crowe, #BoyErased...

In the last year 3 students from a small Christian school killed themselves. Their friends all knew that their deaths were related to their stories relating to being LGBTQ. No one mentioned this at their...

Matthew Shepard Will Be Interred at the Washington National Cathedral, 20 Years After His Death. His parents were afraid to select a place where his grave might be desecrated. This is a fitting, and...

It's National Coming Out Day! I want to quote my daughter: "Dad, it's too bad you spent so much time trying to fix something that didn't need to be fixed. Think about all that you lost out... …

I recently read a quote attributed to Andy Stanley that I really disagree with!! "If you leave the church because of pain and suffering, you had the wrong God in mind - Andy Stanley" This... …

As I take an honest look back, I sincerely apologize for how many families had been shredded and how many individuals had lost hope for their lives, some to the point of suicide, through the ministry I led. I am deeply sorry for teaching... 

25 years ago I was a guest on the Jerry Springer show representing Love In Action, and my story, which at the time was that I was a successful ExGay man. This man, at the time he went by Greg Scott, was on the show with me... …

“You need to look up Stan Mitchell. I hear he’s lost his senses and got a queer church. Maybe he can make you... 

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