Our story on how the shutdown has highlighted two Americas: Some families are devastated by the closure, others are oblivious. “That wall is going straight through the country," one woman told me, "not between us and Mexico.”



  • Some of the comments on our story...

  • Codie in Boston: "The idea that the government can shutdown federal employees from being paid infuriates me! why is it that the little person is victim to the politics in Washington? Let the Senators & Congress work without pay!"

  • Shaun in Auburn, NY: "Would [you] continue to show up for work if you didn't get paid? ...They're not being laid off or downsized, which would afford them the ability to find other employment. The sad reality is that they are being used as pawns."

  • Broz in Boynton Beach, Fl: "What if the shutdown goes on for 60 additional days? How many of those out of work have the savings to continue to pay for the basics of life? My guess, probably under 10% of those that are sitting at home or working a part time job."

  • C.W. : "'Some Americans Are Devastated,Others Oblivious.' In addition to the shutdown's effects, this headline captures our response to the crisis of climate change, administrative corruption, the disturbing resurgence of hate groups and the alarming decline of our democracy."

  • Pete in Atlanta: "We talk too little about the people whole really lose income because of the shutdown: the federal contract workers and the businesses that depend on an open government. They will not recuperate their losses when the shutdown is over."

  • Josh in NH: "I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but government employees are subject to the same kind of uncertainty and job security as everybody else. The sad reality is that most seemed to have gotten so comfortable with it that they tend to think otherwise."

  • Ginger in Seattle is my favorite: "This will probably get lost in the sea of political hot takes, but I’m wondering how I can help. What sort of things can an every day person like me do to help these families? I’m sure there are many other people wondering the same thing..."

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    Would it be to much to expect a story about families who lost more than just a delayed paycheck such as relatives who lost their lives due to illegal alien murders and traffic accidents?

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    People can be so naive. I’m not one of those whose income is jeopardized however, when FDA food inspections can’t be done, when I can’t visit a state park, when my income tax return is postponed or how about just when my fellow citizens suffer it impacts me.

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    The shutdown doesn't effect me directly but it DOES effect me and ALL Americans indirectly, and will do so more and more every day it continues. I don't want a border wall but DO want the gov reopened!

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    This while sad is all on the democrats . The wall has been a issue with regard to drugs, human trafficking and all other crimes . The people are watching and the numbers will show at the poles .

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    No. Reps could have taken many different paths to getting their Wall in the previous two years. They did nothing. Why aren’t you asking them why they wasted their opportunity?

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    Poor journalism entry 101. "Some are devastated, others oblivious." True journalism is unbiased. Should state "others disagree" this is why MSM are becoming irrelevant.

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    Maybe try reading the article before you say the summary is poor.

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    Government shutdowns are common. Obama did it, others have done in past. Families impacted typically plan this in their budget. Not supporting articles that have headlines meant to mislead people.

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    For Joshua, who couldn’t be bothered to read the article:

    For Joshua, who couldn’t be bothered to read the article:

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    Get real

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    This is all I can think about when I read the stories of lost pay, HUD delays and possible EBT problems.

    This is all I can think about when I read the stories of lost pay, HUD delays and possible EBT problems.

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    If the Democratic Party wasn’t playing politics the shut down would be over. The Wall was passed into law in 2006. So the Democratic’s are the problem.

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    When republicans controlled both Senate, congress,it wasnt done. total wall from california to texas would be about 20 billion and wouldn't be built for about 10 yrs due to lawsuits along the border. White ranchers included, cutting thru their land. The land isn't flat,straight