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Joe Labossiere



I'm an avid hunter,fisherman,gun owner,unwavering second amendment supporter,redneck and Mensan.

The back woods of Maine
Joined on May 17, 2009


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Replying to @davidhogg111

Thirteen ("13") US States already have permitless carry, and many like Vermont, have had this approach for DECADES. Is anyone advising this future Harvard graduate? I'm fucking speechless. #2A #Iowa #GunSense #Parkland #Bloomberg #Fascism

17 days ago

Replying to @Kevin_Bassett

Everything you've said in this tweet is 100% accurate. First thing that has to go is all the "sloganeering" on both sides. There is a real debate to be had on this issue. #GunSense

Replying to @EvaSylviaGalle1 @KellyannePolls

Country can decrease guns in dysfunctional hands. Its called mandatory background checks, mandatory training & licensing. and other #GunSense methods.

a month ago

Replying to @mrwinchester200 @eshap

The firing assembly and ability to convert ... but you knew that already and so did he.

Replying to @DaShanneStokes @realDonaldTrump

Trump shouldn't be allowed to own a gun never mind have control our nuclear codes. #gunsense #ResignTrump #TrumpResign

After the Kavanaugh vote everyone was screaming #boycottmaine.But that only lasted a few http://days.How  can we get that trending again?




The only thing better than a 51-49 vote for Kavanaugh would be a 50-50 split and have Pence cast the deciding vote.That would be entertaining for weeks.

But but but #gunsense FBI: Four Times as Many People Stabbed to Death than Killed with Rifles in 2017  via @BreitbartNews




#addictedtooutrage PETA Seeks Roadside Memorial for Lobsters Killed in Crash

Score 1 for the good guys.#gunsense NRA wins Washington case, stops gun control initiative from going to ballot

Quoted @Derrick1776 … We don’t need smart guns, we need smart people! In no way do I want the tool I depend on to protect my life to be unnecessarily complex, battery powered, or connected to the internet! #GunSense #GunControl #GunSafety #GunRights #GUNviolence #2A


When I was in school there were no BGC's,waiting periods or gun free zones.Many schools had rifle teams and we even brought our guns to http://school.AR 's were available,machine guns were still being produced and schools were safe.#gunsense #guncontrol must be to blame.

Many on the #gunsense side claim that a good guy (or in this case gal) with a gun is a myth and that DGU's don't exist unless there are shots fired.Right @ProudLiberal11 ?Concealed carry wins again!  via @YouTube

@BeschlossDC when FDR stacked SCOTUS, how did it get back to 9? Is there anything to prevent it from happening again?

Quoted @Guntalk

Big news from SAF. "A circuit court judge in Lake County, Illinois has granted an injunction against the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, blocking the village from enforcing a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” and handing a victory to the Second Amendment Foundation."

Finally some real #gunsense from the courts.


#gunsense in a nutshell.

#gunsense in a nutshell.


This should set off the #gunsense folks.I added gun #145 to my collection today.I purchased it legally from a dealer without a background check.

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