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I don't love you, but I always will

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When your BF takes your phone and tweets for you cause it's been so long #idolovehorses

Hi Bebs, I remembered shoes this time 💜❤️ @mtotheg12 #ilovehorses

I used to love you guys but you shit on your fans &GUV I have lost complete respect for you! Get fkd? How about you get fkd! @knifepartyinc

Just when you think something goods gonna happen, reality is there to slap you across the face

Absolutely no desire or motivation to study

"You don't move, Dr. Kyle with PhD in awesome I will take care of you" lawlz @itskaysure

"Fucking cobras falling out of the galaxy" @casspridham #youdhavetobethere

Surrounded by people who love me yet still feel so alone

Moments like this I truly feel proud to be Canadian 🍁

"We've graduated to mugs, were sophisticated mother fuckers" @itskaysure

Forrest Gump likes my team 💋 #TigerNation #TigerCats #GreyCup101

#ravmeetstaylor @taylorswift13 this little girl is struggling with an everyday battle and her last wish is to meet you please respond!

So confused on where to go from here


0 Josiah

Sun burn = no sleep 😫

Can't wait to get out of Hamilton and leave assholes like you behind :)

At Brock Smart Start:)

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