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Spectre Bike from N64 game (Extreme-G2) Leftists are RACIST Nazis. I impale Nazi heads alive #ANTIHATE #ANTILEFTIST #tedCruzCrew Ted Cruz then Trump

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Every single #blacklivesmatter claim of racism is to play the victim for the exorbitant amount of crimes that gang thugs commit They should be ecstatic & overjoyed that #JazmineBarnes is not racism Instead, they're heartbroken over a lack of racism #BuildTheWall #GoldenGlobes

A technological wall (drones & sensors) that Nancy Pelosi & Schumer proposed is like unveiling a wedding cake...and just getting a can of Duncan Hines Vanilla Frosting instead of a giant cake #BuildTheWall #GilletteAd #SuperBowl #RoyalRumble #TheBachelor #CaravanaMigrante #MAGA

If more men followed that abhorrent #GilletteAd those men would become the next incels Elliot Rodger never approached women, which by capricious #MeToo logic means Elliot Rodger respected women That #GiletteAd conveys a poisonous message to other men #yesallwomen #BuildTheWall

Loser Elliot Rodger followed every single rule of the #GilletteAd to a tee So-called "supreme gentleman" was the arch male feminist Never was called a creep once bc he didnt approach He should be swarmed with women like an Axe/Tag commercial Nope, #TheBestMenCanBe was an incel 🤗

Gillette, Your intentions were good, however, your approach is perverse. You’re trying to prove there is a correlation between masculinity & harassment. Face it - you can talk about “toxic masculinity” as much as you want but you won’t sell more by pushing a feminist agenda.

Quoted @charliekirk11

I believe immigration is the number one issue facing our country Failure to secure our southern border as well as resist any form of amnesty is the defining issue of our generation Democrats know if they are successful in granting citizenship to millions of illegals they win

Amnesty and open borders ultra scary proposition of this country that will literally kill America, due to mounting debt. Instead of fucking paying it off, they want MORE people not from here to give money to. Seditious. #Trump2020 #CaravanaMigrante #BuildTheWall #GilletteAd

Quoted @MasterNate69

Lol, no they don't.

Spoken like a true incel. That has to really be a hard existence.

Replying to @GeneticJen @Gillette

So it's wrong to tell a woman what she "should be" and how she "should act" as a woman but its perfectly fine to tell a man such things? This tone deaf, unfair, unequal approach is what men are tired of. If you like the ad then you can start using Gillette men's razors!

Quoted @prism_studios

I saw that too and I agree, that was too far. You can’t approach a girl anymore? Gillette doesn’t give a shit about the me too movement. They just wanted to make a viral commercial to make more $$$. Watch their financial chart in the coming months.

Gilette is nobody's boss. Theres no consequence for approaching. The 2nd amendment prevents men with no game and cleverness to win brownie points to girls via brutish physicality that was shown in that ad. #GilletteAd #yesallwomen #MeToo

Quoted @soyMisael

@Gillette ok wrong approach. After 20+ years I'm done. Tired of all this political correctness crap. Buying my blades elsewhere. 👋

Remington. Gillette can fuck off and kick rocks.

#GiletteAd is encouraging "male feminists"/incels to physically assault men who talk & approach girls (the way its been done since humans evolved) This is why Leftists want to take ur guns. No consequences You cant be significant enough to change anything with an armed populace

Quoted @nubucknicks

Why did dude cockblock at 1:03? Are men not allowed to approach women anymore? None of you would be here if your daddy didn’t make a move.

In real life, that guy at 1:03 would be decked. #MeToo #GilletteAd

Quoted @obi_hugo

Gillette says that men should not approach women in public, how then are men supposed to meet women? Probably the next ad will have men in a supermarket with our features pasted in our chest then women can walk around and point the one they want

Gilette wont stop anything except make more women more grateful when the fuckboys/incels affected by #GilletteAd are filtered out. In a way, it's a blessing for #CruzCrew & #pua & #TrumpTrain & #theangryspectres #MeToo #yesallwomen #BuildTheWall #CaravanaMigrante

Replying to @Madtownexe @ClareDalliday and 2 others

Only thing that was really wrong with that was the man physically stopping him. There was no Brock Turner incident. Was the men who did that police officers? Nope, they were self-appointed. I wouldnt recommend guys doing this as a habit if they value their lives. #GilletteAd

You are retarded. https://twitter.com/ClaudiaBenven/status/1085454279287033856 …

Quoted @I_Am_Ilemona

The @Gillette actually portrays men in good light. It shows men stepping into help quell harmful situations. Then asks more men to help. How does this trigger y'all so much?

A guy talking to a girl is not a harmful situation. Another meddling guy with no official authority physically intervening would where it would be a VERY harmful situation. Bosses & parents (if at home) & police have authority. NOT strangers when talking to girls. #GilletteAd

Quoted @mysticmadien

The ad is not attacking your masculinity...good grief! I believe they’re trying to say “stepping up” is masculine too... masculine to u is hog calling women? Sad

What in the fuck is stepping up? I saw 2 black guys in the ad physically stopping 2 white guys for having the courage to speak to girls The way human beings have known each other since the beginning? Those blacks have no authority over strangers. Not a good idea to do in person

Quoted @sweet_deezus

I’ve been relatively quiet (by my mouthy standards), but supporting and RTing and amplifying black female voices simply because those are the voices that need to be listened to and heard now. But I agree I haven’t seen so much from prominent white feminists

The reason youre becoming disillusioned from feminism is that feminism is corrosive retching bullshit. It always has been. Just as the right has powerfully stated all along. #MeToo #yesallwomen #CruzCrew #Trump2020 #GilletteAd

Quoted @FunnyAfroman

It's really sad that many people are pissed off at an ad that is just telling people to stand up for others like a decent human being. Apparently it's left-wing to be a decent human and have morals I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

Back to your cell, Larry Nassar. Your 20 minute internet break is up. Incel. #BuildTheWall #MeToo #yesallwomen #10yearchallenge #TheBachelor #ALLIN #Trump2020 #CruzCrew #blacklivesmatter #kaepernick #SDLive

Quoted @PSFourloco

What are you even talking about? Why do yall feel so victimized by an ad saying not to overlook bad behavior under the guise of "that's just what they'll do". It's not a hard concept to understand. Be a better person, that's it

Lol at leftists posturing themselves as some kind of exalted moral authority and beacon Who the fuck are you? For all we know, you could be an undercover Larry Nassar with thousands of sick pictures and had many a seat with Chris Hansen Incel. #GiletteAd #BuildTheWall #MAGA

Replying to @LesReality @starcrosswolf and 3 others

Schumer and Pelosi doesnt even care about immigrants either (they pretend they do). Theyre a means to an end who would be sold out as fast as Schumer did to the American Poor if the need arises #MeToo #BuildTheWall #TRUMP2020 #GilletteAd #TheBestMenCanBe #thebachelor

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