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Interesting. An outbreak of intolerance of sorts has seemingly erupted in the last 2-3 days. It's in #NativeTwitter but it's in #AllyTwitter as well.

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LMAOOO that girl wanted some of Aldridge’s sauce.

LMAOOO that girl wanted some of Aldridge’s sauce.

This is what happens to men who are ‘allies’ of women. They get cucked by better looking, more masculine, possibly misogynist men. But #AllyTwitter thinks a few RTs & likes from women means something. Lol

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It probably is in part that it’s largely #AllyTwitter, right?

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We was thinking the same thing. #BlackTwitter & #allyTwitter are a marketing dream. No one was talking about P- until now... #tired

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like #allytwitter ??

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why can't we have some support instead of our # being taken away?! Wheres our allies?! #allytwitter

2 years ago
#allytwitter 💗💗💗🏳️‍🌈💑👫

#allytwitter 💗💗💗🏳️‍🌈💑👫


Are any Black writers being paid to write about Empire or will it continue coming from #AllyTwitter.

4 years ago

😂 racists can't even step a single pink toe across "the line" without #blacktwitter and #AllyTwitter camping in the mentions

Goodnight #FergusonTwitter and #AllyTwitter 😉

Ugh. If a part of #AllyTwitter means appropriating AAVE and acting like this is HS and they wanna sit with us, I'm not interested.

My twitter is exploding right now. #blackTwitter #academiaTwitter #blackfeministTwitter #allyTwitter

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