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#MuteRKelly #muteRKelley 어린 소녀들과 가족에게 폭행을 저지른 팝가수. 혐오스럽다. 그래놓고는 뻔뻔하게 무죄 판결이나 받고. 'Surviving R Kelly' 를 보고서 정말 충격 받았고, 그는 반드시 죗값을 치러야 한다.

Chicago pd!! Shame on you, these poor parents !! @chicagopd!#muteRKelley

Words fail me, just watched #survivingrkelly .. he's disgusting! That his money has allowed this! That the industry has allowed it!! Shame on all of them!! I feel for those poor girls, those poor women and all their families!! #muteRKelley

How was this was allowed to remain un investigated after he got Aaliyah pregnant at 15 & then married her when he was 27?! #muteRKelley


WOW 😮 just watched #SurvivingRKellly How is this vile cretin not behind bars?! The evidence is astounding. Have to say had these girls been white I’ve no doubt that jury would have found him guilty in an instant. #muteRKelley

Well after reading this she just gained a new follower! @Caradelevingne #stand4whatubelievein #NoMoreSilence #nobackwardsfollowers #onlymovingforward #NewCaraDelevingneFan #muteRKelley Currently reading:

that awkward moment when Thoia Thoing comes on your playlist... whoops #muteRKelley

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Oh how I wish I could be a juror at this trial. #muteRKelley

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Prolly not anymore.. i mean i did sing i believe i can fly for elementary graduation. I think a lot of people have as well. #muteRKelley

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Grand jury seated in wake of new R. Kelly allegations, sources say https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/18/entertainment/r-kelly-grand-jury-seated/index.html …

LOCK. HIM. UP. #muteRKelley

Leo Ford
12 hours ago

"It is impossible to know her age just from the video. They both refer to her "14-year-old p***y." Six times the girl refers to her genitalia as 14 years old." #muteRKelley @CNN

Was disappointed this morning listening to @amazonmusic and an R Kelly song came one... immediately gave it a thumbs down...why is he still on @amazon ? #MuteRKelly #muteRKelley

R kelly is going down this time! #muteRKelley once and for all.

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Not disputing race as a factor but #muteRKelley and #metoo have moved mountains on systemic culture of ignoring victims. From Cosby to R. Kelly to Jeffrey Eisenberg and Wienstein culture is just beginning to shift.TY for all you do.

A lot of people were flabbergasted with the trial's outcome. If true, OMG the INJUSTICE of it all! SO MANY VICTIMS after that, it's DISGUSTING & DISGRACEFUL. May JUSTICE be served!! #muteRKelley

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Lol. You're an expert on algorithms? I did watch the horrifying documentary about his "alleged" sexual assaults and abuse of very young women, and I love hip hop. Hmm. A mystery. Maybe @Vevo should just drop him? #muteRKelley

This is hearbreaking them poor parents and girls #SurvivingRKellly #muteRKelley

Why is @SiriusXMFLY refusing to #muteRKelley ??? Idk if y’all didn’t hear those intelligent, resilient, courageous women...but #TimesUp. Ignition ain’t worth it. Guess I’ll cancel my @SIRIUSXM. #EnoughIsEnough #SayHerName #blacklivesmatters #BlackTwitter #SurvivingRKellly

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