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"The goal is to eliminate cognitive overhead for the developers & keep their pipelines as simple as possible." Matt Curry #SiteReliability

One of the main principles of #SiteReliability is that we break down the silos.

“The #SiteReliability Engineer is here to help Product and Engineering deliver the best experience possible for users,” says Kehoe. One group does not dictate what the other does.

"Good #SiteReliability staff take a code-first approach to solving problems and make operating production as simple as possible." Michael Cote

A #SiteReliability Engineer should spend no more than 50% of their time on operations tasks, freeing up the other 50% of their time for coding and automation projects.

“The #SiteReliability Engineer role is different company-to-company, partly based off of company business and cultural structure,” says Kehoe.

Marketers need to be intellectually curious and possess the grit and determination to power through whatever challenges you throw at them. Same is true for #SiteReliability Engineers. I'm an IT guy with a Marketing degree. Imagine the craziness in my head.

" #SiteReliability -think is not focused on pulling developers into a unified team with sysadmins. Instead, the goal is to get sysadmins to start thinking like programmers, actually writing code and developing systems for production use." ~ Cote

"and @Johanavelas16 @NastyLexWoman #sitereliability

#SiteReliability is getting features into production quickly by bringing siloed departments together in a horizontal, non-hierarchical setup.

#SiteReliability : collaboration among test, development, and IT operations teams.

A great programmer doesn't merely do the same work faster. A great programmer will invent things an ordinary programmer would never think of. #SiteReliability

As Google’s own SRE Andrew Widdowson describes it, “Our work is like being a part of the world’s most intense pit crew. We change the tires of a race car as it’s going 100mph.” #SiteReliability

Google’s mastermind behind SRE, Ben Treynor, still hasn’t published a single-sentence definition, but describes #SiteReliability as “what happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations.”

#SiteReliability is a “strategy”, not a separate dept that lives between Dev & Ops & acts like some kind of interpretive interface.

“100% is the wrong reliability target for basically everything (pacemakers and anti-lock brakes being notable exceptions).” ― Betsy Beyer, #SiteReliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems

#SiteReliability a true end-to-end coordination across application development, testing, deployment, and management.

#SiteReliability depends on two critical pieces: Software development and operational automation.

Hiring: Site Reliability Engineer (m/w/n) at Elbe Finanzgruppe AG in Dresden, Deutschland #golang #sitereliability @ElbeFinanz #jobdresden

#SiteReliability isn’t just an IT operations support model. It’s a culture, a movement, a practice, & a concept, collaboration & communication.

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